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QR Codes in the STEM Classroom

Welcome to an amazing post that will have you using QR codes in your STEM classroom in no time!  This post's author Melanie Wiscount, is an amazing educator from the state of Pennsylvania.  She is also a past STEM Institute Fellow and is active across the state of Pennsylvania and the nation in advocating STEM, technology integration, and 21st century skills. Melanie has provided information that you will want to make part of your STEM program and share with other educators. Be sure to read  upcoming  Siemens STEM Academy blog posts to discover the other great resources for those interested in integrating technology in their STEM classroom! Don't miss out, perhaps now is a great time to sign up for an RSS feed and also follow us on twitter at SiemensSTEMAcad. Thanks for joining us at the Siemens STEM Institute and enjoy the post!  - Mike Gorman (21centuryedtech)

 QR Codes in the STEM Classroom by Melanie Wiscount

A year ago I discovered the power of QR Codes in the classroom. A QR code is a “quick response” code that when scanned with a QR code reader installed on a mobile device, can take the person to a webpage, a text, a phone number or an SMS message. In a project in my Emerging Technologies class I teach, QR codes generated by my students connected the local community and global world to their student-created works.

For this project, my students chose a business, attraction or organization within a 15-mile radius of the high school to research its history, create a documentary video podcast and mobile tag the video with a QR code. The Plan-Produce-Publish-Promote-Peer  process of the project took the students from researching their entity’s history, to collecting media such as still graphics, moving pictures, music and sound files. They wrote a script and planned their video using a storyboard, matching the text and narration of the script to the media they created or selected, to show and tell a dynamic digital story. The process then progressed to producing the video using Windows Movie Maker, publishing the video to the teacher’s YouTube channel and generating a QR code which provides on-demand access to their student-created work by the public/patrons of the chosen establishment (displayed on an easel in the business, as seen in the picture), or visitors of their wiki page on the course wiki. Student consideration of their local and global audiences was crucial to a successful production.  

This project gave students the opportunity to be the writer, photographer, videographer, producer, director, editor, distributer and promoter of their own created work. They learned about adhering to US Copyright and Fair Use legislation as well as recognizing Creative Commons licenses and public domain media when selecting still graphics, moving graphics, sound or music files.  They shared knowledge, suggestions and reflections using a backchannel, the course blog, the course social network, and their individual student wiki pages. Through this project, students become mindful and appreciative of their community and surroundings’ historical obstacles and triumphs. You can find all my resources for this project at my educational technology wiki or by scanning the QR code image in this blog post using a QR code reader app on a smartphone.  

Here are links to generate and use QR codes in your instruction and student learning:

Introduce your students to how QR codes work with this fun animation video. Connecting students to content with QR codes makes learning mobile, active and on-demand. Giving education a 24/7 nature is key to teaching and learning in the 21st century!

About the author:

Melanie Wiscount, Palmyra, PA Palmyra Area Senior High School  

Melanie Wiscount, a computer technology teacher at Palmyra Area High School in Pennsylvania, earned her Master’s degree in Business Education from Bloomsburg University and completed all course work in the Educational Technology doctoral program at Wilkes University. She has taught at the middle school, high school, community college and university levels. Mrs. Wiscount holds PA certification in Business, Computer & Information Technology K-12, Middle Level Mathematics 7-9, Library Science K-12, Instructional Technology and English as a Second Language program specialist. Melanie has also designed, developed and delivered educational technology professional development sessions for fellow teachers. “Having been named a Siemens STEM Institute fellow in the 2011-2012 class is the most rewarding honor I have received as a teacher. Through this training and experience, I hope to bring back to my school and district, methods to promote the importance of science, technology, engineering, math, and 21st century skills in our instruction, student learning, and everyday world.

We sure hope you enjoyed these incredible ideas for using QR Codes in your STEM classroom.  Don't miss out on great posts and resources dedicated to STEM education. Now is a great time to sign up for an RSS feed and also follow us on twitter at SiemensSTEMAcad. You may even wish to share this post with others via a quick email or even a tweet! Also, check out an amazing webinar entitled, Earth Day: What the Ice and Penguins Tell Us About Our Changing Planet coming to the  Siemens STEM Academy. You will discover some great information in that upcoming webinar in the next post.  Another great reason to give us a follow  on twitter at SiemensSTEMAcad. Have a great week and start integrating those QR Codes and be sure to check the QR Codes from Melanie that are found below. - Mike Gorman (21centuryedtech)

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