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Teacher Resources

Join your fellow educators by sharing your favorite lesson plans, tips, tricks, ideas, presentations, websites, videos and other STEM related resources that may prove useful for others who want to expand their classroom materials. Looking to grow your own library of resources to inspire your students? Browse this intriguing and ever-broadening collection of resources already submitted by your peers. Visit the STEM resources area often, as this area will continue to expand as more and more educators upload multimedia tools each day.

Progress Roadmap
Progress Roadmap This is a packet distributed on the first day of class. As the students master each topic, they record it on tis roadmap. It's a handy tool to gauge progress and provide material for review. Each …more
Relative Humidity Investigation
Relative Humidity Investigation This exercise has the student conducting wet/dry bulb thermometer tests to record relative humidity in several different areas around the school.
Lefty vs. Righty
Lefty vs. Righty A Data Collection & Analysis Class Experiment on Right-Handed people versus Left-Handed people.
Taking Care of Pets
Taking Care of Pets Today more than ever, teachers and other educators are looked upon to help shape not only good students but also good citizens. Teaching kids the skills necessary for caring for animals is a …more