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Teacher Resources

Join your fellow educators by sharing your favorite lesson plans, tips, tricks, ideas, presentations, websites, videos and other STEM related resources that may prove useful for others who want to expand their classroom materials. Looking to grow your own library of resources to inspire your students? Browse this intriguing and ever-broadening collection of resources already submitted by your peers. Visit the STEM resources area often, as this area will continue to expand as more and more educators upload multimedia tools each day.

Advanced Chemistry Mystery Solutions
Advanced Chemistry Mystery Solutions Using knowledge of various qualitative indentification processes, students will identify 12 unknown substrances based upon data provided. This is not a LAB but could be done at the end of a unit …more
Acid-Base Rainbow Inquiry Lab.
Acid-Base Rainbow Inquiry Lab. Students have the opportunity to explore acids, bases and indicators through inquiry without a prescribed procedure as an introductory exploration. This outlines an informal investigation to how …more
Stained Glass Project
Stained Glass Project Project for students to create a stained glass window of their own design using regular polygons.  They must calculate the central, interior, and exterior angles, and they must calculate the …more
Breaking Spaghetti Math Lab
Breaking Spaghetti Math Lab Math lab to collect data, build a table, and create an equation to represent the data
Parallel and Perpendicular Rap
Parallel and Perpendicular Rap Rap to help students remember parallel and perpendicular line facts