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Free Webinar ...Round the Horn with STEM-alicous Resources

You are invited to a very special educator webinar that will connect you with some amazing web resources. Before reading... be sure to sign up for  upcoming  Siemens STEM Academy blog posts in order to discover other great STEM resources.  Don't miss out... make sure you give us a  follow on twitter at SiemensSTEMAcad. Thanks for joining us at the Siemens STEM Academy and enjoy the post and the webinar!  - Mike Gorman 

Make sure you mark  Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 7:00 PM EDT on your calendar. The Siemens STEM Academy will be bringing you a very special webinar that will put a little bit of STEM in your summer.  Perhaps you have been scouring the net and reaching out to your personal learning networks in search of new STEM resources to use in the upcoming school year? Look no further! We've assembled an all-star cast of Discovery Educators to join us for this round-robin style sharing session. Listen in and hear their favorite tools, tips, and resource so that you can put them into action immediately. Of course, you can use the back channel to share your own special find.

In fact, we are looking for your expertise even before the webinar. Here is how you can get involved!  If you haven’t seen the power of a personal learning network in action, this webinar will be a great example of how connecting with like-minded educators can save you time and rejuvenate your work.  One of the best ways to tap into a learning community is by sharing your expertise.  In order to prepare for this webinar, we would love to hear from you.  Please follow the directions and add your own ideas that will be shared during our session together.

  • Visit our running Google Doc of “STEM-alicious Resources” by going to:
  • Choose a blank row and add your name and a favorite tool that you use in your STEM classroom. (HINT: While you’re there, take a look at some of your colleagues’ favorite tools!)
  • Tell use why you like this tool and how you use it.  We’ll be browsing through your ideas and sharing out ones that we think are fantastic during our webinar.
  • Prepare any questions you have on how these tools are used in the classroom, and come ready to ask our experts!

Webinar Information and Registration

  Round the Horn with STEM-alicous Resources Webinar

Presented by Kyle Schutt, Discovery Educator Network

July 17, 2012, 7pm ET

For Educators

Register Today

Remember to register for this informative webinar so you have the opportunity to discover some STEMfastic resources that you can put to use.  Please continue to join the Siemens STEM Academy as we continue to discuss other ways you can promote STEM and 21st century technology and learning in the classroom. Don't miss out on future posts and resources dedicated to STEM education. Now is a great time to sign up for an RSS feed and also follow us on twitter at SiemensSTEMAcad. You may even wish to share this post with others via a quick email or even a tweet! Have a wonderful week! - Mike Gorman

Posted on July 7, 2012 by Michael Gorman

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