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Hall Davidson's Mobile STEM Webinar Resources... Over 20 Links!

If you had the opportunity to attend Hall Davidson's Webinar "Making Mobile Media Meaningful in (and Beyond!) Your STEM Classroom" at the Siemens STEM Academy, you walked away with a gold mine of information. If you didn't attend, please take a look at the webinar archive... it will be well worth your time. Regardless, take a few moments to read over and explore the links below and discover some amazing resources. Also, please sign up for the Siemens STEM Academy Blog by RSS and encourage others to do the same. In that way, you will never miss the very latest in exciting STEM information from the Siemens STEM Academy. In fact take a moment and follow us on Twitter at SiemensSTEMAcad and if you found these resources helpful give it a retweet. Enjoy the resources!

Webinar Resources - Contains the archive and handouts.

Any cell phone - Does not have to be smart

Poll Everywhere- Great way to get feedback using cell phones or just about any device.

YouTube Video Upload From Cell Phone - You can upload video to your YouTube Channel from any cell phone. Just go to YouTube - Your account - Settings - and Mobile Setup. Be sure to follow school AUP and seek parent permission if including students.

QR Codes - They are fun, quick, and powerful

Kaywa- Create QR Codes to use in class for various activities. Access websites, movies, pictures, music, and more.

Google URL Shortener- Google has an added hidden benefit of giving a QR Code when shortening a URL. To get a QR Code just click Details after shortening a URL. You will now have a QR Code QR Voice - Make QR Codes that play voice or any recorded sound when scanned. Imagine the classroom uses!

Mobile Itself - These are Apps that work without needing to be connected to the internet.

Kindle- Check out this entire collection of apps for all devices supported by Kindle Reader iBooks- Of course there are also all the iBooks for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch

Wikipedia App - The entire Wikipedia for the iPad/iTouch/iPhone and also now for the Droid.

Solar System- It does carry a price, but then you are getting more than just the world. Only for the iPad family.

Word Lens- Translate text between languages by taking a picture of the text with this free app for the iPhone.

Not By Itself - These are apps that require an internet connection.

Google Translate- A droid translator; type it or speak it and it translates.

Leaf Snap - Identify leaves of the NE USA by taking a picture with an iPad or iPhone using this free app. Take a look at the video

Coaches Eye- Inexpensive iPad app that allows you to take video, annotate it, and even watch it in slow motion. Lots of classroom uses.

Green Screen Movie FX- Less than two bucks giving the iPad the ability to do chromakey, allowing for a fun green screen effect. Put your students in any scene!

Comic Touch Lite- A free iPad app that allows the user to draw and label on top of a picture.

VoiceThread Mobile- Allow collaboration around pictures, diagrams, and videos using the iPhone, iPad, or iTouch.

Ignition - Log into and control a remote computer from your mobile app on the iPad or iPhone and also the Droidwith this paid app.

MadPad- Remix whatever you like to your heart's content with this iPad and iPhone app. There is a fee.

Google Docs Mobile - Now your mobile phone can share those Google Docs. While the Droid is an actual native app, almost any smart phone can perform some functions with a browser. Take a look at the videoprovided by Google.

Reel Director - A great movie editing package for the iPad for less than two bucks.

Davidson Microscope - Turn an iPad or smart phone into a microscope for about five bucks. Watch this video on how to do it. You will need a 1/2 inch grommet from a hardware store for about 90 cents. You will also need some super glue. Last, check out Amazon for the inexpensive magnifier.

ProScope - Microscope for the iPad that broadcasts a wireless signal to other iPads. This will put you out some dollars but is worth investigating. Very cool!

Posted on February 3, 2012 by Michael Gorman

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