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11 Great STEM Weather Resources To Integrate With Reed Timmer's Webinar

With Reed Timmer joining the Siemens STEM Academy on February 13 we thought you might enjoy some STEM resources and links that would connect to the topic of weather. Remember that weather can be the basis of a STEM investigation including not only science; but also math, technology, and engineering. That is why the resources below uncover a wide selection of concepts from common core literacy in science, data studies and statistics, simulations, engineering, and even GIS technology. Make sure you and your students join Reed in this upcoming exciting webinar (it will also be archived) and use some of the resources below to plan some pre and post activities! Also, please sign up for the Siemens STEM Academy Blog by RSS and encourage others to do the same. In that way, you will never miss the very latest in exciting STEM information from the Siemens STEM Academy. In fact, take a moment and follow us on Twitter at SiemensSTEMAcad and if you found these resources helpful please give it a retweet. Do you want more information on this engaging free webinar by Reed Timmer entitled The Science and Technology Behind Storm Chasing?  Then take a look and sign up at the registration and information page! You will even find a lesson plan to accompany the webinar. Please enjoy this post of amazing resources and take a moment to share with your PLN!

Storm Chasers - We might as well start with the program behind the webinar.  You could spend a lot of time on this amazing website. Make sure you take a look at the blog and  even learn a little bit about Reed. By visiting Games you will find a place with all the cool Storm Chasers extras — games, puzzles, quizzes and interactives — that will keep you coming back to Tornado Alley.

Scholastic Weather Watch - Observe, gather data, investigate, and analyze! A great way to bring math and science together while studying the weather. It is even interactive whiteboard ready. Check out all of the resources. One activity, Weather Maker,  allows you to change Equatorward Temperature, Poleward Temperature, and Relative Humidity and turn sunny skies into the perfect day for a snowstorm. Neat java based simulation with PDF information sheet. While you are at the site check out the Weather Detective Web Quest

National Weather Service Sol Hirsch Grant - This grant opens in February 2012 and will award teacher/educators of grades k12 to help improve the education of their students, school, and/or community in the science of meteorology. The NWA awards up to seven $750 grants per year and the application process is completed online.

NOAA NowCOAST - An amazing real time weather map allowing users to gather real data in real time using GIS technology. A must visit for those wanting the latest weather information.

USA Today Weather Graphing - Every wonder why baseballs fly farther at higher elevations? Explore some outstanding graphics with engaging reading as you bring common core literacy into a STEM weather related study.

Discovery Free Lesson Plans - Check out some of these free lessons that relate with weather. You will find all grade levels included with lessons on weather maps, planetary weather, stormy weather, wonders of weather, understanding weather, build your own weather station, and Antarctica.

NOAA - National Climate Data Center - Need to collect data for a STEM related project in relationship to climate. Then you will be sure to find what you need in current and historical informion at this GIS intensive site.

PBS Weather - You will find a lot of fascinating information at this resource filled site. Whether it be a good read or an engaging video, it is well worth the visit.

NOAA Education Resources -  This portal is designed to assist educators in accessing all of NOAA materials from one centralized interface. You will find education resources  organized by themes, topical collections, and content type that are aligned with common teaching topics.

Teach Engineering - Check out these lessons that will bring the engineering into a study of weather. First discover Air Under Pressure and Tornado and Tornado Damage and Windstorm and A Tornado in My State? You won't know where to stop, but will definitely find a great place to start!

Siemens STEM Academy - Of course we can't forget to let you know of some of the resources right here at the Academy. You may want to check out this webinar entitled  The Science of Hurricanes or this Stormy Lesson Plan. There are a lot of neat resources in the Siemens STEM Academy.

Thanks for joining us at this post. Please take a moment and sign up for the Siemens STEM Academy Blog by RSS and encourage others to do the same. In that way, you will never miss the very latest in exciting STEM information from the Siemens STEM Academy. In fact, take a moment and follow us on Twitter at SiemensSTEMAcad and if you found these resources helpful please share with other by giving this post a retweet. See you at the webinar!

Posted on February 11, 2012 by Michael Gorman

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