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Part One... Flipping The Classroom Series... 12 Great Resources

Welcome to the first in the series of three posts dedicated to "Flipping the Classroom.  These posts have been crafted to compliment that special webinar presented by Dr. Lodge McCammon on March 1. Did you miss it? Then make sure you check out the archive.  This series of posts on the flipped classroom has been prepared by Michael Gorman, a member of the Siemens STEM Academy Team.  Be sure to read  upcoming  Siemens STEM Academy blog posts to discover the other great resources for those attempting the flip! Don't miss out, perhaps now is a great time to sign up for an RSS feed and also follow us on twitter at SiemensSTEMAcad

Part One... Flipping The Classroom Series... 12 Great Resources - Michael Gorman (21centuryedtech)

What is the flipped classroom?  Simply put... the teacher provides videos for homework, while traditional home work is done in class under teacher supervision. Unfortunately this might be just too simplistic of a definition. Possible this is why using the words “simply put” may not be the best practice in explaining anything.

You see,  this definition does make a lot of sense, and like so many "best practices" I see great value in the idea. In fact, how many parents have sat at the study table with their child only wishing that the teacher was available to explain a math problem? How many students have had to wait until the next day to ask that important question before finishing homework? Before hauling out the video camera and writing your lesson scripts or perhaps linking to the entire Khan Academy video selection… I have several points of reflection to help you begin your flipped journey.

Yes, I am a proponent of incorporating various multimedia and online learning in a blended environment. In fact… there is no doubt that this is the future of education. I say blended because I firmly believe that it is a real teacher that can really make a difference. Blended learning also incorporates some on-line instructional activities. Now, before jumping in the air and doing a full flip, educators must spend some time investigating and contemplating what might work best for their individual situation. Please spend a few moments and allow me to not only provide you with some resources... but also as you explore these resources, you may develop some points to ponder. It is my full intention to assist you in coming up with your own definition of the "Flipped Classroom". As you go through the resources below... click on the links and immerse yourself. I have tried to find resources that really say it in a way that we can all understand.  You may just begin to Flip your idea of Flipping in to something even more!

Four Resources To Better Understand Flipping the Classroom (Next two post will have eight more)

Blend My Learning (The Envision Experiment) - Oakland, California high school students who had failed algebra were randomly assigned to one of two summer school classes. The “control” classroom received a traditional five-week summer school curriculum for Algebra 1. The “treatment” classroom used Khan Academy for almost all of the period each day, and both classes had the same teacher. Take a look at their findings.

The Economist: Teaching Methods - An Alternative Vote... Using Science To Teach Science - This study involves the theory of “deliberate practice” by psychologist Anders Ericsson.  This research team introduced a more interactive, discussion-based and assessment-oriented approach to physics class that strongly implies major improvements to science and engineering instruction in general. Read what they learned.

Learning About The Khan Academy - You have heard about Khan and have possible even used the tutorials. Before making your own... take a moment to learn from Khan and discover the method of his success. There really is a lot of thought in each of those clips. Jack McShea in his blog HG2S Training Blog gives an awesome explanation, provides a link to Khan's TED Talk, and provides other useful Khan Links.

The Flipped Classroom (Shedding Light on The Confusion, Critique, and Hype) - A wonderful article by Aaron Sams , considered a co-creator of the flipped class model and the co-author of the book on the flipped class. In this article Aaron does a wonderful job of describing that one must be careful in defining the "Flipped Classroom". He makes it clearly understood that Khan is just one type of Flip. A great article allowing educators to begin  contemplating what their idea of a Flipped Classroom is.

We sure hope you enjoyed these four amazing Flip Resources. There are still eight more resources coming your way!  Make sure discover these other ways to "Flip the Classroom".  Don't miss out,  now is a great time to sign up for an RSS feed and also follow us on twitter at SiemensSTEMAcad. You may even wish to share this post with others via a quick email or even a tweet! Also, check out that Flipped Webinar presented by Dr. Lodge McCammon at the Siemens STEM Academy Webinar Archive. Now that you are back on your feet, we will see you next time on the Flip side!  

Posted on March 9, 2012 by Michael Gorman

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