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Stained Glass Window

Author: Jennie O'Kelley

Stained Glass Window Project


1. All equations should be displayed on one sheet of graph paper. Glue this graph paper on to a sheet on construction paper when you are finished.

2. You must graph at least 10 equations (one of each of the following below). For more points, include more equations. (40 points)

? Vertical and Horizontal lines ? Linear Equation: positive and negative slope ? Absolute Value Equation- opening up and down ? Quadratic Equation- opening up and down ? Exponential Growth and Decay Equation

2. On another sheet of paper, list the equations you used to graph your window art design. Glue to the back of your construction paper.

3. Color your window art design. (60 points)

You can obtain more points by including more equations, more color, or by doing something creative. You will receive a grading rubric after spring break.

This assignment is due on ____________. NO EXCEPTIONS. I recommend working on this spring break, and checking back with me for accuracy or any questions you may have before the due date.

Good luck and have fun with it!!

McKinley Elementary School Corona-Norco Unified School District Jennie O?Kelley 6th Grade Teacher

Tips for a neat design: 1. Set your viewing window to fit your graph paper. Change your X & Y max and min. 2. To get a symmetrical design, type the same equation in but with a different sign

(example: y = 2x + 3 and y = -2x + 3)

Subjects:  Mathematics
Grade Level:  6
Keywords:  Math Stained Glass

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