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The Ultimate Roller Coaster Lesson Plan

Author: Ted Latham

How does energy work in roller coasters?  In this lesson, your students will learn about the role of mechanical energy by creating "tennis ball roller coasters."  Students will compete for the title of best designed roller coaster by seeing on whose roller coaster the tennis ball stays on track.

Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineering
Grade Level:  6789101112

Edrian Mallory says:
14-Feb-14 11:11 AM

This sounds like something I would like to have my engineering students work on. Are there any pictures available?

Ted Latham says:
01-Feb-13 08:47 PM

I was pleasntly surprised to find my,"The Ultimate Roller Coaster Lesson Plan," being used by Siemens STEM Academy. I formerly was the Science and Technology Subject Area Manager (one of the original SAM's)for "". Recently retired from Montclair HS in NJ and the College of NJ, I have become a Trustee of the Edison Memorial Tower Corporation (Edison Labs at Menlo Park) and I chair our education committee. I still write STEM type lesson plans and projects like the "Ultimate Roller Coaster" for our educational out reach programs and summer camps. We are currently raising funds for a future "Thomas Edison Education Center" to be built on the 37 acre State Park that we manage that will parallel the goals of the STEM initiative. If I could be any help to STEM, I would love to talk with you. The Siemens Corporation in Iselin, NJ is within one mile of our facilities. Our local high school (Edison HS) is currently developing a STEM Academy and I have a good working relationship with that school system.

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