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Perimeter Rap

Author: Ann Marie Bishop

This is a rap I made (in 30 seconds or so using GarageBand) to help my students remember how to find the perimeter of a polygon. Words came from Mailbox Companion.

Subjects:  Mathematics
Grade Level:  345
Keywords:  perimeter

Lisa Ranney says:
09-Apr-10 07:58 PM

Job well done for students in around the 3rd grade maybe 4th.

C N Colon says:
17-Feb-10 09:39 AM

This is: cute enough to be of INTEREST, silly enough to be ENJOYED, and trendy enough to be REMEMBERED. Three things I strive for when I teach my students, even though it is slightly more challenging with high school students. Nonetheless....well done! Thanks

Sandra Marshall says:
16-Feb-10 02:48 PM

The kids loved it and won't forget now. Thank you

Martha Jackson says:
16-Feb-10 02:32 PM

great job.

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