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Whats a Tree to Me

Author: Mary Jane Rissacher

Students learn the value of trees in our habitat.

1. As part of our Habitat project students brainstorm about the value of trees (production of oxygen, shade, cooling urban environments, homes for animals, food production).

2. Students go outside to an area with a variety of trees.  Each student is asked to adopt a tree.  The adoption consists of finding a tree that is interesting to them, noting characteristics (tall, short, fat, leaves / needles, color, etc.).  Each student gives their tree a personal name (not the species name) such as Leafy, Fred, Big Green, etc.

3. Students return to the classroom and complete their worksheets which describe the tree they have adopted. 

4.  While completing worksheets, students enjoy a variety of healthy snacks provided by trees (fruit, nuts, syrup, etc.).

5.  When worksheets are completed each student is invited to stand and present their adopted tree to the classroom. (we are now using the speaker system of a small portable karaoke maching, $40).  Students enjoy the opportunity to present and gain invaluable practice in presentations.

Subjects:  Science
Grade Level:  345
Keywords:  Habitat Trees
Types:  ActivitiesPlans & UnitsPresentations

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