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STEM Connect Virtual Event

Layers of Learning with Google Earth

Author: Brad Fountain

May 4, 7 PM ET

For Educators

You have seen and probably used Google Earth at some time in your classroom, but how deep have you gone? Google Earth has many layers, literally! Come explore the layers within Google Earth and see how you can use them in your instruction. We'll investigate up-to-date seismic activity, weather data, sea surface temperatures, 3D buildings and more!

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Types:  Virtual Events

j says:
05-Sep-12 11:57 AM

fun but boring

Leilani says:
05-Sep-12 11:57 AM

I love this web

Courtney Hamilton says:
24-Feb-11 05:47 PM

I think that this is a good learing sight for kids

Katie O'Hare says:
12-May-10 12:29 PM

Lori, in the Classroom Connections box to the right you should see the Pre- and Post-webinar resources. If you click the arrow at the bottom of the box you should then also see the Lesson Plan and the Archived Webinar.

Lori Smith says:
11-May-10 06:46 PM

I cant find the archived webinar or the lesson plans.

Sue Ottesen says:
07-May-10 08:46 PM

Brad was very helpful! I learned so many practical ideas for using Google Earth in my classroom. Thank you.

Conni Mulligan says:
04-May-10 07:36 PM

What a GREAT webinar tonight! Brad awesome as usual!

Charles Ellis says:
04-May-10 06:02 PM

Hello everyone, have I missed anything?

Nancy Jones says:
04-May-10 05:53 PM

Do I just wait on this page and wait for this to begin?

Emily DeFrees says:
04-May-10 05:30 PM

where is the "click here" for webinar? It keeps prompting me to register, then it tells me I already have- ok, so where do I get in ?

Jeanne Lenhart says:
04-May-10 04:57 PM

Google earth loaded.

Cindy Newton says:
03-May-10 07:57 PM

As a media specialist, I would like to see connections across the curriculum or how teachers can collaborate through using Google Earth.

Jay Hill says:
03-May-10 07:18 PM

I am interested in mastering the idea of embedding video into Google Earth. (I've tried it, but was unsuccessful.)

Dottie Small says:
03-May-10 03:52 PM

I use Google Earth every day! We love it!! I would like to know how to create tours and embed videos.

Jeanne Auensen says:
03-May-10 03:35 PM

I'd like to see how the Google Lit Trips work.

Joy Yee Mon says:
03-May-10 03:31 PM

Never used google earth - eager to find out.

Duane Waber says:
03-May-10 02:06 PM

I don't think we can go wrong with Brad as the author of the webinar.

Jeannine Tennant says:
03-May-10 01:51 PM

Would like to see how to apply this to primary grades with weather and neighborhoods.

Margaret Hartwig says:
19-Apr-10 09:35 PM

I cant wait for this webinar. I hope that this webinar can expand my understanding of how to use Google earth, further integrating earth science into my Algebra 2 curriculum.

Amit says:
19-Apr-10 12:18 PM

Looking forward to it

Carlisle Scott says:
06-Apr-10 03:38 PM

I wish it was being presented earlier! We are studying the theory of plate techtonics now!

Josh Winicki says:
02-Apr-10 03:46 PM

I saw someone try and do a powerpoint type presentation with google earth somewhat successfully. I'd like to see how to better utilize this.

Elizabeth McIntyre says:
13-Mar-10 08:43 PM

It sounds great! Can't wait

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