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Author: Tyler Sims

This flipchart is for use with a Promethean board and highlights the characteristics of reptiles. 

Subjects:  Science
Grade Level:  8

Michael Cox says:
15-May-12 01:22 PM

Looks Great! Thanks

Gretchen Thompson says:
13-Apr-12 04:37 PM

Like others, I can't get the flipchart to open. Apparently I need to acquire a program for the Promethean Board. Where do I get it? Thanks,

Jana Shea says:
08-Apr-12 05:58 PM

I cannot get the flip chart to open. Help please!

Bobby Wendt says:
04-Apr-12 09:17 AM

I cannot get the flip chart to open. What program was it made upon? Thanks, Bobby

Wendy Graham says:
03-Apr-12 01:55 PM

Great resource

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