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STEM Connect Virtual Event

Using Technology To Create New Knowledge

Author: Hall Davidson

March 8, 7 PM ET

For Educators

In today's world jobs, global problems, and communication are intertwined with the creation of both knowledge and content, and the ability to look at and analyze what is newly created will become a 21st Century skill. We will look at how understanding the creation of new knowledge is integral in preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow.

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oralia castillo says:
25-Nov-10 08:21 PM

info always helpful--

oralia castillo says:
16-Jun-10 08:06 PM

Certificate please

Erik says:
12-Mar-10 09:32 AM

Terry, you must register on this site to access the archive, the webinar registration was a different site. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Terry Luskin says:
10-Mar-10 08:02 AM

Krystal, When I clicked the download link, and entered this email address to initiate the download, I repeatedly received an "incorrect email address" message (even though the webinar reminder was successfully emailed to this address!)

Stephanie Schnettler says:
09-Mar-10 12:50 PM

Something came up and I wasn't able to see the webinar. I tried looking for an archive, but I can't find it. Can you help me find it?

Yvonne Mattix says:
08-Mar-10 08:27 PM

Wasn't able to download lesson plan. Tried downloading and saving just wouldn't open.

Krystal says:
08-Mar-10 05:52 PM

Those of you who can't download the lesson plan, could you please let me know what error message you are seeing?

Terry Luskin says:
08-Mar-10 04:36 PM

Download is blocked for my email address, too (although the reminder was sent to that address!)

Jeanne says:
08-Mar-10 01:22 PM

Heard about this activity and Power Up Friday from Hall at NCTIES in Raleigh last week. Great idea to encourage authentic use of technologies for problem solving.

clare devine says:
07-Mar-10 12:05 PM

Looking forward to the webinar. But, I couldn't download.

Liz Bitler says:
06-Mar-10 04:51 PM

Interesting,sounds like fun!

Mariann Walsh says:
06-Mar-10 02:29 PM

Looking forward to the webinar. Thank you for the resource.

Joy Yee Mon says:
05-Mar-10 10:56 PM

Looking forward to the webinar on Monday. My school pushes technology and this should be interesting. Joy

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