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STEM Connect Virtual Event

Authentic Intellectual Work

Author: Mike Bryant

June 17, 7 PM ET

For Educators

Constructing and evaluating STEM projects and lessons isn't the easiest of tasks - especially when the goal is to ensure your students are creating authentic intellectual work.  In this session Mike Bryant looks at ways to construct and evaluate projects and lessons that demand students create a new interpretation of science knowledge, elaborate on scientific concepts and theories and identify the value of such knowledge beyond the school grounds.  In addition, he discusses ways to score your own instruction and open communication lines with your peers to ensure that best practices are shared and mistakes are not repeated.

The archived webinar recording, as well as pre- and post-webinar resources can be found under Classroom Connections, to the right.  If you do not see the file right away, click the right arrow at the bottom of the box.

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Mary Sotack says:
22-Jun-10 09:21 AM

Hi Mike, Thanks for the resources. They will be useful in understanding the how and why of implementing. Mary

Mary Sotack says:
21-Jun-10 08:54 AM

Mike, Where are the resources? Mary

Shallu Makan says:
16-Jun-10 08:34 PM

This will be my first experience attending a webinar. I am excited to see what it has to offer and how I would be able to implement the strategies and learn new teaching methods for AP Biology and Microbiology.

Alejandro Rosa says:
16-Jun-10 01:25 PM

I want to see how I can apply this in a second grade bilingual classroom. I'm excited!

Joy Yee Mon says:
16-Jun-10 05:04 AM

Although the school system in my country does not follow the STEM system it is quite interesting and I am sure there are some aspects of best practices in the system that I might be able to in-cooperate in our system. Thanks

Lisa Cutchin says:
15-Jun-10 07:54 PM

We are also working to implement a STEM program in our school and I would be interested in communicating with other who either have implemented (lessons learned) or those who are working to implement STEM.

Diane Warstler says:
15-Jun-10 07:44 PM

I'm really looking forward to learning more about STEM. My math colleague and I are going to try to incorporate this process into our shared 7th and 8th grade classes this year. Thanks for all you do in support of educators!

Terri Cullins says:
15-Jun-10 06:07 PM

I hope to see lots of ways to connect scientific concepts and theories to current events, products kids/teens use, and their favorite shows! Can't wait for an informative and creative webinar!

Stephanie Harper says:
09-Jun-10 06:58 PM

Looking forward to the STEM webinar.

Peggy Hartwig says:
15-May-10 07:38 AM

As I strive to dovetail my Agebra II with the science and technology, the level of communication and discussion of best practices between disciplines is paramount teachers need to expand their understanding of how the algebraic theories apply in the science class to effectively allign the curriculum and develop common vocabulary. By filling this communication Gap, students are able to bridge the theory to the application more fluently. I am excited to learn how to further develop these STEM lessons to make students' reasoning seamless!

Lori Crawford says:
12-May-10 12:51 PM

Would like to get as much information as I can because we are trying to implement the STEM program in our school. Thanks

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