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Start Thinking in 3D: Google SketchUp

Author: Brent Jacobsen, Master of Landscape Architecture

July 13, 7 PM ET

For Educators

Move over, 2D textbook, and get ready for 3D learning!  Google SketchUp enables students to easily create 3D models of everything from simple geometric forms to complex communities.  During this session, you'll hear from a design professional on the basics of using Google SketchUp and how it is used in the architecture field.  Get students excited about modeling, and watch their creativity come to life using Google SketchUp.

The pre-webinar resource, post-webinar resource, and archived webinar recording can be found under Classroom Connections to the right.  If you have trouble seeing all three files, try clicking the right arrow at the bottom of the box.

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Reba Coil says:
21-Mar-11 09:56 AM

Our 5th grade class is about to begin a unit on Medieval History. Every year they design and build medieval castles. Will Google Sketch Up be to advanced and/or hard to use?

Katie O'Hare says:
23-Sep-10 11:16 AM

Richard, you can download the archived recording of this webinar and resources from the Classroom Connections box. The follow-up webinar page can be found here: All webinars are recorded and posted for download in the Classroom Connections box.

Richard Pincus says:
23-Sep-10 10:54 AM

If I am not available at that time is it possible to record the webinar for future viewing?

MarjorieAnne Wallace says:
13-Sep-10 02:37 PM

Time for a paradigm shift...transitioning from 2D to 3D is nothing for students since they were born to a 3D world. I need to visualize and manually incoorporate 3D learning into my school division. This is another step towards that goal! Help me so I can help others move into 21st Century teaching and learning!

Cece Cope says:
23-Jul-10 11:48 PM

Wow! This looks like a good tool for students to use as they design their own inventions and investigations. When will you offer this webinar again?

Joy Yee mon says:
16-Jul-10 01:26 PM

I missed the '3D' webinar. You sent me to the website to the archives but when I put in my e-mail address, which you use to send me correspondence -i am being told my e-mail is invalid. As a result i never get to the webinars that I miss. how can this be fixed? Joy

Gerard Greer says:
16-Jul-10 07:23 AM

Thanks for the tip on archived webinars. I received an email for it- and it was great. I'll second someone on tape who said "can't wait for Part 2"! jg

Rosie says:
14-Jul-10 09:21 AM

This software is excellent... I'm trying to learn more and use it this year in my Geometry class

Katie O'Hare says:
13-Jul-10 05:20 PM

@jg, an archived version of the webinar will be posted within two days under the Classroom Connections section to the right. To access the webinar, click the Register Now link closer to the start time.

jg says:
13-Jul-10 06:30 AM

Will this webinar be offered again? I can't make this one- Any info here?

Maggie Kelavkar says:
12-Jul-10 08:13 PM

I am looking to use this to assist students to grasp/visualize photosynthesis/respiration etc..can't wait to learn about this resource:)

Mary Bowlin says:
12-Jul-10 07:49 PM

I look forward to using 3-D modeling as a tool for my students for student science projects and to help with creative problem solving.

Bridget Cole says:
11-Jul-10 09:19 PM

I am looking forward to learning more about Sketchup! Sounds like a great tool.

Cindy Beasley says:
10-Jul-10 04:15 PM

I hope to be able to help my students understand a weather front. Why we have the weather we do that also forms different landforms they can see in 3-D.

norma Rockwell says:
10-Jul-10 09:41 AM

I have tried to use Google Sketchup as a "free" resource for my students. I get confused trying to draw the chair. I am hoping this webinar will help me, help my students.

Joy Yee Mon says:
10-Jul-10 06:47 AM

The 3D learning may be useful in Atomic structure as students have difficulty visualizing the atom in 3D at Advanced level Chemistry. Joy

Rosa Storm says:
09-Jul-10 09:56 PM

Are we going to have samples for geometry class. I terach 8th grade.

Helene Wyskup says:
09-Jul-10 09:47 PM

I teach Science and I am looking forward to integrate it in my classes. Helene Wyskup (Ottawa,Canada)

Barbara Caple says:
09-Jul-10 09:03 PM

I'm looking forward to using this program in science. Maybe this will help my students visualize landforms and weather.

nancy williams says:
07-Jul-10 10:47 AM

My first time of hearing about sketchUp sounds like something students might engage in without force.

Marcelle partridge says:
19-Jun-10 11:01 AM

I am hoping that it will be useful for molecular geometries

Lori Crawford says:
12-May-10 12:52 PM

How can I integrate sketchup in my science class?

Katie O'Hare says:
12-May-10 12:38 PM

Betsy, the basic version of Google SketchUp is free. You can download it here:

Betsy DeBiase says:
07-May-10 12:00 PM

Is Google Sketchup a free download?

Chris Bolognese says:
07-May-10 10:14 AM

I have used Google Sketchup in my Geometry classes and the interest level of the class increased ten-fold. I look forward to hear how it is used in the field!

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