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iThink iNeed iPads in the Classroom

Author: Steve Dembo

Presented by Steve Dembo
Wednesday, November 30, 2011, 7pm ET
For Educators (all grade levels)

Sure they're bright and shiny, but are they really learning devices? We'll take a close look at how exactly these technologies are being leveraged in the classroom and what the best Apps are for educational purposes. We'll also explore some creative ways that you can fund your own i-initiative!

You can download the recording, the slides, and the pre- and post-webinar resources from the Classroom Connections box to the right.



Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematics
Grade Level:  3456789101112
Keywords:  iPads technology STEM webinar
Types:  Virtual Events

Isabelle Camille says:
29-Dec-11 12:19 AM

I discovered an app for the iPad, that would work great for teaching the gas laws. It is called "Soundrop". It can be used to demonstrate relationship between volume and pressure both to the visual student and the auditory. Can't wait to try it out with them when we get there!

Gary Myhre says:
03-Dec-11 06:01 PM

When will we be receiving the info from Steve about the Ipad webinair???

Trina springer says:
02-Dec-11 02:17 PM exited. Thank you a million.

Adele Collins says:
02-Dec-11 06:39 AM

I think it was kind of ironic when I tried to access this webinar from my IPAD but was unable to do so because I did not have a PC.

Teresa Wiebe says:
01-Dec-11 08:49 AM

The webinar on iPads was very informative, however I attempted to log in using the web ex app only to be directed to use a computer running windows. Thankfully my husband wasn't using his laptop.

Jennifer says:
30-Nov-11 05:58 PM

As a social studies and language teacher for dyslexic and dysgraphic students, I want to know how the iPad can assist them with reading and particularly with writing.

Mercell says:
30-Nov-11 05:53 PM

Looking forward to utilizing ipads in my science classroom.

Alma Robledo says:
30-Nov-11 05:50 PM

will you talk about icab?

Richard Audet says:
30-Nov-11 05:18 PM

Check out: Search by author and then enter kathy.pryor. You'll find some great educational apps that she's identified.

Betulia Freeman says:
30-Nov-11 04:18 PM

I am a computer lab teacher and would like to learn how to utilize the ipads in the lab. I would also like to learn the various free apps for 3-6th grade since each classroom teacher was given an ipad for their classrooms. Finally are there other webinars that I can use to help in training the teachers that could not attend and want to begin to use their ipads in their classroom

Chris Lyon says:
30-Nov-11 03:16 PM

I am registered, but I have double booked myself this afternoon. Will this be archived for later viewing? I am very interested in seeing what advantages IPads have for students in the classroom.

Adah Stock says:
30-Nov-11 02:03 PM

Most schools have PC's. How can the justify a different platform (OS of iPad's) from what the school uses overall.

Mary Palisch says:
30-Nov-11 11:42 AM

I would like to know good reasons why our Gifted program needs iPads. that way I can convince the administration that we need the iPads for our students.

Nancy Anthony says:
30-Nov-11 10:55 AM

I have had a V1 iPad for a year now and love it. It still works but has no sound because it got wet by accident. I just bought a Kindle Fire which is less than 1/2 the price of an iPad. Smaller but with a lot of functionality including web browsing and cloud storage. Twice the students could be accomodated for the same amount of money. Any thoughts?

Shellie Scott says:
30-Nov-11 09:37 AM

I wrote a grant and received funding for 1 iPad. I love it. I cannot wait to hear how to make it more useful for my students.

Keenan Woods says:
30-Nov-11 07:48 AM

Will the webinar be archived? Not sure if I'll be able to catch all of it tonight, so just want to be sure I can catch up later. Thanks!

Isabelle Camille says:
30-Nov-11 06:11 AM

I hope to get some ideas on where to find grants that would allow us to purchase some iPads for our classrooms.

DD says:
28-Nov-11 09:12 PM


cierra says:
25-Nov-11 09:06 PM


cierra says:
25-Nov-11 09:05 PM

do some maybe at kreitner

sharon morine says:
22-Nov-11 04:25 PM

i would like to use them for all my subjets especially since i have older kids they will not brake them. thy would love to have them. they have been asking me for something new for so long i can't even remember

Joan Jaroszewski says:
21-Nov-11 08:55 AM

I would love to find out more about using the ipad in the classroom. Is there another time you are offering the webinar?

Siemens STEM Academy says:
18-Nov-11 11:20 AM

@Ms. H - We will share apps that teachers can use in across all different subjects. Hope you can join!

Ms. H says:
17-Nov-11 05:43 PM

Is this specifically for Science or for classrooms in general? (I teach world language.)

Siemens STEM Academy says:
17-Nov-11 05:21 PM

@Jennifer, try clicking on either of the links above to register or go to this link: Thanks!

Jennifer Clapp says:
17-Nov-11 05:14 PM

How do we register?

German Robledo says:
17-Nov-11 12:55 PM

Hi Steve, The registration link points to a different webinar. Would you please check the link? Thanks.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
17-Nov-11 11:11 AM

If you are having trouble with the link above, try registering at this page:

Mary Beth Hengelbrok says:
17-Nov-11 10:57 AM

Link for this webinar is broken. Is the session already full?

Dave Nelson says:
17-Nov-11 10:01 AM

We are interested in learing how to increase student achievement with the ipad.

Georgia Smith says:
17-Nov-11 09:32 AM

When I click to register, I get the page that says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."

Tammy Kirchenschlager says:
17-Nov-11 08:12 AM

We use ipads in my classroom. However I would like to learn how to use them effectively in my classroom.

Gay Christy says:
17-Nov-11 07:55 AM

I would like to register for the webinar

Jenn Michaels says:
17-Nov-11 07:14 AM

I teach 8th grade science and I have a set of 13 iPads. I would like some ideas how to use them for more than looking things up online. I teach basic Chem, genetics, and Earth Science.

Kate Baker says:
17-Nov-11 06:20 AM

I have just received a classroom set of iPads but have no budget left for apps. I am interested in free apps in particular.

psc says:
16-Nov-11 10:36 PM

interestingly enough , your registration link for the ipad webinar is not supported on the ipad2!

Lori Young says:
16-Nov-11 06:00 PM

I do not use iPads but I am still interested in learning about iPad technology. Hopefully, the techniques I learn can be readily applied to Netbooks.

BettyAnn says:
16-Nov-11 04:03 PM

A 2nd - 6th grade gifted/talented campus in our district has acquired a grant and purchased two classroom sets of iPads. I would like to know how to effectively integrate these iPads into the classrooms for all subjects. Also I hope to learn what apps will stretch these talented minds.

Elisabeth Williams says:
16-Nov-11 03:15 PM

My seniors are issued iPads. I'd like to know to how utilize them more effectively for physics and also for the teacher end of things such as immediate grading of performance.

Jodi says:
16-Nov-11 03:14 PM

I would like to learn how to use iPads to address the needs of my grade 6 resource room students, specifically in the area of language arts.

Barb says:
16-Nov-11 02:59 PM

I'm especially interested in preschool 3s and 4s apps. I would also want to know that NAEYC would support the apps to better ensure appropriate for preschool level.

Linda Rinaldini-Head says:
16-Nov-11 02:52 PM

We are considering getting an Ipad to perform laboratory simulations in Earth, Life and Physical Science. Would love to see the depth and breadth of such applications.

Michelle Meijer says:
16-Nov-11 02:50 PM

Is this seminars for students who have ipads or teachers who have ipads? I have only one ipad in the classroom and I am looking for ways to use it but it is my personal ipad so I'm not real keen on letting my students play with it.

Norm Neher says:
16-Nov-11 01:10 PM

We are considering a one-to-one initiative for our high school. This would be part of a New Tech High School initiative. We need to decide whether we will give each student a laptop or a tablet (iPad). What are the pros and cons of each?

Wendy Jotch says:
14-Nov-11 07:45 PM

Any great Pre-K Apps that you recommend as "Must Haves"?

Betty Chism says:
14-Nov-11 01:15 PM

I would like to know what applications would be useful in the classroom, other than the applications I already use.

Marianne Shibly says:
05-Nov-11 12:11 PM

I would like to know how to use iPads more effectively in my classroom.

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