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STEM Connect Virtual Event

A Scientific Approach to Science and Engineering Education

Author: Dr. Carl Wieman

Presented by Dr. Carl Wieman, Associate Director for Science at the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Tuesday, September 20, 2011, 7pm ET

For Educators

Guided by experimental tests of theory and practice, science has advanced rapidly in the past 500 years.  Meanwhile, science education, guided primarily by tradition and dogma, has been left behind.  Research on how people learn is now revealing that many teachers badly misinterpret how students think and what they are learning from traditional science classes and exams.  However, research is also providing insights into how to do much better.  The combination of this research with modern information technology is setting the stage for a new approach that can provide students the relevant and effective science education they need for the 21st century.  Join Dr. Carl Wieman in this exclusive webinar, as he discusses the failures of traditional educational practices, even as used by “very good” teachers, and the successes of some new practices and technologies that characterize this more effective approach, and how these results are highly consistent with findings from cognitive science.  You won’t want to miss this incredible opportunity!

DOWNLOAD THE RECORDING: Download the archived recording and the PowerPoint presentation from the webinar from the Classroom Connections box to the right. Click the right and left arrows under the box if you do not see the file you are looking for. Note: You must register (free) for Siemens STEM Academy in order to download files. To do so, click the "Register" link at the top of the page.

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W. Anthonny Duncan says:
21-Sep-11 08:08 PM

The GLOBE website is a great resource for hands on science. Go to WWW.GLOBE.GOV

W. Anthonny Duncan says:
21-Sep-11 08:04 PM

I will share this resource with my other science teacher

Siemens STEM Academy says:
21-Sep-11 09:58 AM

The archived recording of the webinar will be posted today in the Classroom Connections box on this page. You will be able to download and watch it at your convenience. Thanks for your interest!

d. says:
21-Sep-11 09:42 AM

Dittoothers request for additional means to hear this valuable information? Thanks

Linda says:
21-Sep-11 09:30 AM

Is there a way to hear this at a different hour? I'm not even home yet, at that hour.... Thanks. Would love to see it.

Bruce Risley says:
19-Sep-11 01:26 PM

Yes I would like to know what is said, but being that I am actually doing that teaching thing tomorrow nite too, will it be taped?

K. Tow says:
19-Sep-11 12:50 PM

Will this apply to first grade teachers? It sounds very interesting.

Nancy Hamann says:
19-Sep-11 12:41 PM

I am a First Grade Teacher. Can it still apply to my grade level?

Elaine says:
19-Sep-11 12:11 PM

Will this webinar be archived? I have a board meeting then that I need to attend.

Anda Lucia says:
15-Sep-11 07:40 AM

Hi there, I am a Americam Science Advisor in Abu Dhabi UAE. I am trying to assist my teachers in seeing examples of good STEM projects and also to link them with resources that will expand their minds in regards to pedagogy and learning opportunities for students. I am wondering if it is possible for them to access the webinars at different times than are listed as we are ET + 8 I believe meaning that a 7 pm webinars is around 3 am. Thanks for keeping education open to all!! Anda

German Robledo says:
09-Sep-11 08:06 PM

To All, This is free. You will get an email with a link to the webinar. Enjoy and tell your friends.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
09-Sep-11 08:25 AM

@A.Mollo - We will send a certificate to those that attend for one hour of staff development credit.

Donna Gary says:
09-Sep-11 07:17 AM

I tried to register but it wouldn't let me because it hadn't started. What's up?

A. Mollo says:
08-Sep-11 05:55 PM

This sounds like a great opportunity! Are ACT 48 continuing credits available for teachers who attend?

Valerie Bishop says:
08-Sep-11 03:03 PM

Hi, I've registered and will be tuning in on 09/20/11. I'm not sure how to access the webinar. Do I just log on to siemes stem

Elaine Childress says:
08-Sep-11 12:32 PM

This sounds great--cost ?, time? how to get onto it? Let me know if free and when and how to get in tune with it.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
08-Sep-11 12:20 PM

@Gail, there is not fee attached to this. Click on the "Register Today" link above and then click "Register" on the page that follows. Thanks!

08-Sep-11 12:11 PM

Is there a fee attached to this? I cannot join because it says it has not started. When can you join.

Susan Boucher says:
08-Sep-11 12:03 PM

I think this will be a great opportunity to hear new approaches to science teaching that is more effective and relavent to today's student.

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