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STEM Connect Virtual Event

The Science of Future Food

Author: Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche

Thursday, May 13, at 1pm ET

For Classrooms

Is it possible to save fuel by downloading pizza off the internet or reduce landfill mass by making edible packing peanuts? Join the hosts of Planet Green’s Future Food, chefs Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche, as they explore the science of healthy and sustainable eating.  In this interactive webinar, “molecular gastronomists” Homaro and Ben will excite students about chemistry by demonstrating how science can be used to create unimaginable, edible 21st century creations. Your students will walk away with a better understanding of sustainability and the science behind the foods they eat today and might eat in the future as they watch Homaro and Ben conduct live experiments such as carbonating a grape in a balloon and sweetening lemonade without sugar.

Links for recipes shown in the webinar:

Corn "Chicken" Nuggets

For other Future Food recipes from Ben and Omar, click here.

The archived webinar is posted under Classroom Connections to the right.  If you do not see it right away, click the right arrow at the bottom of the box.  The webinar may take several minutes to download.  We appreciate your patience.

Grade Level:  3456789101112

Types:  Virtual Events

Amber says:
11-May-11 12:20 PM

I tried the lab where you put grapes into balloons to carbonate them and it did not work at all! Can anyone tell me what I did wrong or help me figure out why it didn't work? Thanks!

Katie O'Hare says:
17-May-10 10:31 AM

Mike, if you do not see the archived webinar, click the right arrow at the bottom of the Classroom Connections box. (You may have to click it twice.) You should be able to click download and open or save the file.

Stephanie Kowalski says:
17-May-10 09:57 AM

I downloaded the webinar and started to view it but after a few seconds the screen went blank (green). I moved the arrow forward in different places and it stayed the same.

Mike Aldrich says:
17-May-10 08:33 AM

No luck, I had audio for the first half hour (12:50-1:20) and then nothing. I am trying to get it thru the archive but I can't seem to access it. Mike Aldrich

Michelle Rhodes says:
17-May-10 08:15 AM

I'm looking forward to using this material during the last few days of school - it seems like it will be a nice way to keep the students engaged and learning! Thank you!!

Katie O'Hare says:
13-May-10 01:45 PM

The webinar will be archived on the site in the next day or two. You should find it in the Classroom Connections box to the right and you will be able to download and view at a later date.

joy graf says:
13-May-10 01:18 PM

I was unable to get the webinar how can I download this for my class?

Katie O'Hare says:
12-May-10 05:00 PM

The archived version will be posted within one-two days after the webinar.

Wendy Smith says:
12-May-10 04:05 PM

How soon after the webinar airs live, will we be able to view it again? I'd like my other science classes to be able to see it.

Katie O'Hare says:
12-May-10 01:29 PM

Donna, you will be able to download the webinar later to view it.

Donna says:
12-May-10 11:21 AM

Will the webinar be accessible for future viewing?

Katie O'Hare says:
12-May-10 10:47 AM

The video player should not have sound yet, but please make sure you are able to see it.

Damian says:
12-May-10 09:39 AM


Damian says:
12-May-10 09:39 AM


Katie O'Hare says:
12-May-10 09:33 AM

The webinar should last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. The webinar will be archived on the site afterwards under Classroom Connections and will be audio and visual. (The Earth Day webinar was only audio because of the exclusive, personal photos of Philippe included in the PowerPoint.)

Katie O'Hare says:
12-May-10 09:26 AM

Again, please ensure that you are able to access from the computer you plan to use during the webinar and make sure that you can see the video player on the following page:

James Post says:
12-May-10 08:57 AM

I understand this will be archived for us to present later - hopefully not to much later as the school year is coming to a close - praise God. I read in an earlier post that it could be audio only? We are unable to view it live and our food scince instructor would very much love to show to her class. I am hoping it will be the full Webinar \ Let us know James

Christina Osieja says:
11-May-10 08:27 PM

Click on the lesson plans on the right hand corner of the resource page, where the comments are. This will give you some ideas on how to prepare for the webinar. It is 60 minutes long.

Kim Rourke says:
11-May-10 07:55 PM

I am trying to get to the lesson plans. Clicked on the link on my registration email and it brought up all lessons, all subjects. Ideas?

Mandy says:
11-May-10 03:12 PM

How long will this last so I can plan accordingly?

Christine Leishman says:
11-May-10 09:37 AM

I have registered but have not received anything that tells me how to access the webinar. Will I be receiving an email with hook up info prior to the showing>

Sheryl Rasmussen says:
11-May-10 08:33 AM

Your comment was that the recorded webinar will be available for download after the webinar. Will that be audio and video? I hope it is both. If it is just audio, it is of little value to me.

Ashley Davidson says:
10-May-10 03:48 PM

Where are the lesson plans? It is end of the year planning for us and we could use all the help we can get!

Katie O'Hare says:
10-May-10 01:51 PM

The webinar is appropriate for K-12; however, the lesson plan that will be posted is most appropriate for K-5. You will be able to download the recorded webinar for free after the webinar.

C says:
10-May-10 10:02 AM

Please post the ages/grade levels for this webinar

Sandra Rigdon says:
10-May-10 07:29 AM

Would love to be able to share this with all of my students. Will the entire program be available for download so that it can be shown to classes at different times of day?

K.Pearson says:
08-May-10 04:39 AM

I missed a webinar once and was thrilled that it was going to be archived only then to be disappointed that it was only the audio and not the video. I have second graders and they will not sit still if they can't see it.

Anna Turner says:
07-May-10 09:21 PM

It would be nice to know the grade level this webinar is appropriate for before hand so I can suggest this to other teachers. I will not watch unless I can assure the content is appropriate for the students.

joy graf says:
07-May-10 05:10 PM

I too am new to webinars and would love to be able to show it to all my classes. Is it available for downloading?

Barbra Nehls says:
07-May-10 04:35 PM

I am new to this website and this program. I too would love to check this out afterward as half of the time is lunch for students and then it is my planning time. I am wondering if Mac iBooks will support it... it will be worth a try after the 13th for all of my Independent Living classes. Any suggestions would be great. Thank you

Katie O'Hare says:
07-May-10 04:08 PM

Good news! The recorded webinar will be posted on this page under Classroom Connections after the webinar. Check back early next week for the lesson plan that will be posted. That should give you an idea of whether the webinar will be appropriate for your classroom.

Kim Spriegel says:
07-May-10 02:57 PM

I am so excited about this class.

Y Campbell says:
07-May-10 12:18 PM

We tried to watch the last webinar for Earth Day but it kept cutting off and freezing. Is that a problem with my internet speed/bandwidth or is it something that I can correct on my end? Thank you.

LuAnne Mangham says:
07-May-10 12:06 PM

I too, would love to download this program. The timing is inconvenient for my classes and I would like for all of my Food Science and Technology students to see this.

George Molla says:
07-May-10 11:15 AM

I need to download it. Fee?? For Gr 6 7 8 ? Appropriate?

Sue says:
07-May-10 11:07 AM

I too would love to see it. Is it appropriate for 5-6 grade? I have tried to sign in, but under "forgot my password" it says I have an incorrect email. Thanks for the help.

edna mendoza says:
07-May-10 10:59 AM

Sounds good and interesting. May I request for download program for viewing for all my classes.Thank you.

Debra McKenzie says:
07-May-10 10:54 AM

We also would love to see view the webinar, but we will actually be making our shoebox landfills on Thursday because we will be visiting carnegie Science Center the next day for a field trip. Could I download it later or preview it? Is it appropriate for fifth grade? Thank you.

Linda says:
07-May-10 10:46 AM

We are going an already scheduled field trip and will be unable to view. Please Email if program can be downloaded for future showing.

Sharon says:
07-May-10 10:36 AM

I agree with the others, for us, the time will be 12:00, lunch time and only one class will see part of it. Please post directions for how to download it after the live presentation. Thank you.

Diana Skiles says:
07-May-10 09:14 AM

Another voice from the real world of the classroom requesting downloading option! While the excitement of "live" is great, please remember that 1) Most secondary teachers teach multiple groups of students and would like all students to have the experience. 2) Our start times for classes are going to be different from school to school and throughout the day(not usually on the hour) 3) We usually have lab and lesson sequences in place and would appreciate some flexibility in where this best fits. Thanks

John Murphy says:
07-May-10 09:06 AM

I for one am really looking forward to Chef Cantu's presentation!! Having eaten in his Chicago restaurant I know my high school culinary students will be very interested in what he has to offer!!

Joanne Sharp says:
07-May-10 08:33 AM

I am unsure how to figure out if it is appropriate for may third graders and also would love to be able to preview it.

Haley Widby says:
07-May-10 08:10 AM

I agree with those who ask that it could be downloaded for a postponed viewing. I teach 3 sections of Biology and it starts during my enrichment class before and after I have my biology students.

Lisa Spath says:
07-May-10 06:56 AM

I too would love to show this to my 8th graders as it shows great connections to their every day lives. However,all my classes are on a field trip that day. It would be most beneficial if it could be downloaded for later viewing from all my classes.

Jill Hoffman says:
07-May-10 06:28 AM

I signed up for the webinar but do not know how to access it on May 13th. There were no instructions given with registration. Also - I agree with others - 1:00 falls at the tail end of my last class, May 13th falls RIGHT before our state testing begins, and I would really love to share this with all of my class periods. PLEASE make this available to download!!!

Mary Brieger says:
06-May-10 06:27 PM

I also want to download for later viewing. We will be in the middle of dissection on that day. Want all my classes to experience this webcast.

Aleeza says:
06-May-10 06:04 PM

Ditto to all the other comments; this would be PERFECT for my environmental science class; it's what we are currently discussing and what their final will be on as well. But we don't have class at 1pm, and I probably won't even have access to a computer at that time. Can we download after the webinar from someplace?

Linda says:
06-May-10 06:03 PM

Sounds good and looking forward to it, but it is hard to carve out time for just one class and leave the others without the experience. PLease make it available to download if you can!

Nancy Brakeman says:
06-May-10 06:01 PM

I also could not register. The URL went to a blank page. Wondering also if appropriate for intermediate grades-4th and 5th.

Kathleen Beebe says:
06-May-10 05:49 PM

I agree with one of the other comments, I would love to be able to show this to more than one class. 1pm is really only convenient maybe for one class. It sounds great!

Scott Roach says:
06-May-10 05:38 PM

Can this be downloaded later? We have state testing during that time and day, and we will not be able to view during the event. However, I would like to show this event the following week. I have been looking for more ways to show Chemistry through food tech.

Katie O'Hare says:
06-May-10 05:30 PM

Leslie,try the URL:

Lezlie Matsuyama says:
06-May-10 05:20 PM

I can't get to the registration page. Is there any other URL I can use?

Justin Price says:
04-May-10 10:29 PM

What ages/grade levels is this appropriate for?

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