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STEM Connect Virtual Event

STEM is Now, STEM is How

Author: Discovery Education

STEM is Now, STEM is How
Presented by: Discovery Education and Scott Didra

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 1:00pm EST 
For Classrooms


We often hear of amazing things happening in STEM classrooms across the country. And, we're often asked to share these exemplars to provide guidance in achieving a shared STEM education vision. Join our live webcast to see one vision of a STEM program. Your students will witness the creative environment inside "The Firm," also known as Scott Didra's classroom.

They will meet students that are using technology to apply mathematical and scientific concepts through engineering design, modeling and building of useful structures. Additionally, you'll hear strategies for providing job-embedded skills and career awareness through collaborations and connections with colleagues and community members. Our goal for this webcast is to ignite your students' passion for STEM and provide integration ideas for your STEM program.

Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematicsIntegration
Grade Level:  3456789101112

Karen Koon says:
22-Apr-14 09:32 AM

Is there a STEM curriculum available that you would recommend for Middle School? I would like to initiate a STEM classroom next year in our rural combo school which is situated near the Suwannee River.

Tracey Weigold says:
09-Apr-14 08:04 AM

I would like to show this at a different time to my STEM club which typically meets after school or during lunch (10:30 EST) on Wednesdays. Will there be a recorded version that I can use?

Mike Shall says:
09-Apr-14 07:00 AM

What curriculum do you use? Do you use a published curriculum or framework? maybe something like Engineering is Elementary or PLTW, or Engineering by Design? or have you written your own from the ground up?

Catherine Doiron says:
08-Apr-14 04:39 PM

This sounds interesting!

Mia-Pia Cummins says:
08-Apr-14 04:17 PM

Will there be a recorder version available? As it will be about 7AM in Hawaii when it starts?

Amy Knowlan says:
08-Apr-14 04:03 PM

Looking forward to this webinar

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