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An Ultimate Cool School Assembly

Author: Discovery Education

An Ultimate Cool School Assembly

Bending the Elements: Exploring the Way the World Works
Presented by: Discovery Education

Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 1:00pm EST 
For Classrooms



Tune into our Siemens Science Day Ultimate Cool School Assembly as Patti Duncan presents fun and interactive science activities and highlights the importance of science literacy. During this webcast, students will be amazed as they witness interactive demonstrations and mind-blowing experiments while making tangible connections to science class.

The Ultimate Cool School Assembly is a prize awarded to the winner of the Siemens Science Day Ultimate Cool School Sweepstakes. Learn about the sweepstakes and find hands-on activities to engage your students in science concepts at

Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematics
Grade Level:  3456789101112

Types:  Virtual Events

conrado montero says:
17-Jul-14 02:33 PM

Important remarks made by the educators that were like to participate ,please in the near future I will be please to participate .

Bruce Williamson says:
28-May-14 01:48 PM

I tried everything I could think of, having registered for this event. Never found anything, not even the alleged archives of previous events. Guess I need better instructions. Just lucky that I did not push for the all school assembly that I first thought I would have had for this non-event.

Samantha says:
28-May-14 01:15 PM

My students were able to view and enjoy the presentation. Thank you! They are excited to get started on their own set of experiments.

Judy Andersen says:
28-May-14 12:30 PM

Cannot access the live feed. Very disappointing

Melissa says:
28-May-14 12:19 PM

I am taken to the same sample page as others have noted. I am not sure how to access this event.

Melissa Lander says:
28-May-14 12:12 PM

When clicking on the link from the registration email, I am taken to a sample page within discovery education. How can I open the live event? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Pam says:
28-May-14 12:12 PM

I went to the link provided and when I go to events and click on this event it brings me back to the registration page. Help!

Tiffany Dial says:
28-May-14 12:10 PM

I can not access the live discussion!!!Help!!

Jennifer Cramer says:
28-May-14 12:07 PM

When clicking on the link from the registration email, I am taken to a sample page within discovery education. How can I open the live event?

Michael Gordon says:
26-May-14 01:15 PM

Thank you for all the help

SL says:
22-May-14 11:12 AM

My chemistry/physics class is at 2:00 pm. Can I download this program to show to them?

Jennifer Seidler says:
22-May-14 10:31 AM

I would like to know the cost and the age group this is intended for.

Cary Wolfgang says:
21-May-14 02:10 PM

Not Funny...Really left me hanging when trying to engage my students in the virtual fieldtrip it never showed up.

Chesney Wright says:
19-May-14 12:08 PM

What is the cost?

Chesney Wright says:
19-May-14 12:08 PM

What is the cost?

Patricia Duncan says:
16-May-14 08:57 AM

Hello folks, I am the presenter of the assembly. Most of your questions can be answered on the registration page. The assembly runs about an hour. We will be addressing the topics of scientific observations, electricity, matter, sound, properties of water, properties of gases, atmospheric pressure, Bernoulli's principle, chemical reactions and gas behavior. The only class that would be "board" would be one in which the teacher does many science demonstrations and they would have seen these. It is appropriate for all ages. Runs somewhat like a Las Vegas Magic show format with audience participation. Should be fun for everyone!

Robin Dillard says:
16-May-14 05:54 AM

I am very excited about this event! We are hosting a 21st Century Summer Program and I am hoping to get some awesome ideas to use. Thank you so much for hosting and adding to our repertoire of teaching skills!!

Felicia Cummings says:
15-May-14 02:45 AM

Ditto on the last comment.

Kristi Martin says:
14-May-14 02:31 PM

What age will this be most appropriate for? Thanks!

Violet Burch says:
09-May-14 06:51 AM

Ditto on the first comment. I need more information.

melody deitrick says:
07-May-14 03:18 PM

I am interested, but I need more information so I can plan like what topics will be covered, what age group is intended for (3rd-12th grade seems too broad), and how long will it last? Where can I find this information?

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