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Challenge-Based Learning 101

Author: Cynthia Treichler

Presented by Cynthia Treichler, Instructional Technology Professional Development Facilitator
October 16, 2012, 7pm ET

For Educators

Today's students learn and think differently. To succeed in a global context students need to flourish into 21st century learners with the skills needed to be creative problem-solvers in a teaming setting. With the evolution of instructional technologies, we can now foster creative, emphatic, whole-minded students using digital media and web 2.0 tools to enhance academic content in a meaningful and interactive way. Join us as we explore challenge-based learning (CBL), a systematic teaching method that engages students in learning knowledge and skills through an extended inquiry process structured around complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and tasks. We will explore the basics of CBL and examine how to construct and organize CBL experiences in the classroom. Then we'll shift into strategies for managing, assessing, and celebrating CBL. At the end of this whirlwind tour, you will feel empowered to facilitate the process while transforming learning in your own classroom.

Cynthia Treichler is a high school social studies teacher and instructional technology professional development facilitator. She specializes in technology integration and has a passion for project-based learning. Cynthia is also an adjunct professor for Wilkes University in the Instructional Media Masters Program; teaching a course on Project-based Learning.

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sally wight says:
26-Nov-12 11:49 AM

ye i justt love SCIENCE i wanna marry it!!!!!!!!

Flor de Maria Duque says:
24-Oct-12 01:53 PM


Maria del Carmen Gutierrez says:
18-Oct-12 10:10 PM

Unfortunately I could not attend the course. I will appreciate a copy for future reference. Thank you.

Maria del Carmen Gutierrez says:
18-Oct-12 10:04 PM

I am a young teacher, I've been teaching for 5 years so far. I'd like to learn new techniques to be a beter teacher. Thank you for the opportunity.

Angel Klank says:
18-Oct-12 04:04 PM

I would like to have a pdf copy of the webinar so that I can use it for reference. I wish I had taken notes. There was so much information and I'd like to try to talk others into looking into this.

Lisa Calvert says:
17-Oct-12 01:27 PM

I keep getting an error message when I try and register!

Edith Kinser says:
16-Oct-12 08:36 PM

I keep getting an invalid message when registering, any help?

cheryl kounnichi says:
16-Oct-12 06:13 PM

I can't figure out how to get on the webinar!!

tami says:
15-Oct-12 04:13 AM

i am part of a county wide pbl initiative. i am charged with coaching teachers how to utilize the power of technology in a pbl in at a high poverty school.

Sheli Gossett says:
12-Oct-12 06:54 AM

I teach first grade, but am very interested in inquiry based learning. I often use my student's questions to drive my instruction. I match their questions to the standards rather than allowing the standards to drive my instruction.Afterall my ultimate goal is to instill the love of learning and encourage students to be self-motivated independent learners.

Barbara_Trocchia says:
12-Oct-12 06:33 AM

I currently teach at-risk high school students and am very interested in learning more ways to attract their interest.

trinidad tolar says:
11-Oct-12 11:05 PM

I teach 4th grade, I am very interested in learning new strategies to facilitate my students to become critical thinkers.

Char says:
11-Oct-12 12:11 PM

Will there be another time? I work in AZ and with the time difference my students are just going home at 4:00pm. It makes it very hard to attend when they start so early.

Nana Abdelkader says:
10-Oct-12 09:39 PM

I teach middle school science- grades 6 to 8. Looking forward to getting some extra ideas for labs.

Angel Klank says:
10-Oct-12 10:10 AM

I need to share this with the other teachers!

M Nowell says:
10-Oct-12 09:29 AM

I am trying to register for the Challenge-based Learning 101 for October 16 @ 7pm. Every time I hit register it says the connection to the server was reset while the page was loading etc...... Would you please register me for this class. Thank you, M. Nowell

rachel schumpert says:
10-Oct-12 06:19 AM

I teach science lab to 4th-6th grade. All hands on; very interested in activities for these grade levels.

Kevin gaylor says:
09-Oct-12 05:07 PM

Are CEUs available?

Sue Garcia says:
02-Oct-12 02:17 PM

We are getting our first set of iPads for classroom use next month. I am wanting strategies to help me utilize these devices in a manner that is not just a cut & paste exercise. By learning to use "complex, authentic questions and carefully designed products and tasks", I think will help train me in the direction that I want to guide my student in.

Maureen says:
30-Sep-12 08:42 AM

I like what I see. Great for the upper grades.

Alessandra says:
13-Sep-12 10:54 AM

So excited

Jason Watts says:
09-Sep-12 02:06 PM

I am 5th grade teacher looking to add challenge-based learning ideas/concepts in my special education inclusion classroom.

patti white says:
06-Sep-12 11:59 AM

strong interest for elementary specifically 5th grade

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