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STEM Connect Virtual Event

Get Ready for 3D Learning: More with Google SketchUp

Author: Brent Jacobsen, MLA

September 28, 7 PM ET

For Educators

Brent Jacobsen tackled the basics of Google SketchUp in the “Start Thinking in 3D: Google SketchUp” webinar.  Now learn more about how to use Google SketchUp in the classroom. Get students excited about modeling, and watch their creativity come to life.  In this webinar, Brent will briefly review the basics of Google SketchUp and delve a little deeper into some of the more advanced tools and features of the program.  You’ll walk away with a better understanding of all the ways Google SketchUp can be used in the classroom to engage and excite students about STEM.

You can access the pre- and post-webinar resources as well as the archived recording in the Classroom Connections box.  Click the right arrow at the bottom of the box to see additional files.



Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematics
Grade Level:  3456789101112

Types:  Virtual Events

Giovani Pavia says:
04-Jan-12 01:45 PM

How do I get registered?? sounds interesting !!!!

marcelle longstaff says:
24-Sep-10 11:13 PM

We've just been informed that we can earn Professional Development hours with the webinars. I participated in the original Google Sketchup webinar, which was fantastic, and will be registering for this one as well. My question is... can we get a certificate of proof that we participated, as this is required for credit?

Joy Yee Mon says:
24-Sep-10 05:52 PM

Hoping to get students to see atom and molecules in 3D.

Katie O'Hare says:
09-Sep-10 09:35 AM

Bridget, yes the webinars are free. You simply register on the Webex site by clicking on "Register Now." above. Then you'll receive an email with information on accessing the live webinar on the day of the event. All you'll need is a computer with speakers. We hope you join!

Bridget says:
09-Sep-10 09:33 AM

How do these seminars work? Are they free?

Michael Liva says:
08-Sep-10 12:53 PM

I would like to attend. I hope it will help my physics students visualize electric and magnetic fields.

Marcelle partridge says:
31-Aug-10 10:55 PM

I am hoping to make molecular models on the screen.

Eileen Clarke-Brady says:
31-Aug-10 10:35 AM

Hi, I am a reading teacher in a high school. I am looking for ways to get my struggling readers to find areas of interest. These students are very visual and auditory learners and I'm hoping to get them to connect to what you have to offer. Eileen

manjot choudhary says:
31-Aug-10 10:21 AM

i would like to attend

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