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STEM Connect Virtual Event

A New Way to Look at Architecture

Author: Danny Forster

September 13, 1 PM ET

For Classrooms (Middle School focus)

What transforms a building into architecture? Danny Forster of Science Channel’s Build It Bigger will take a look at the design behind these feats of engineering to show that it’s not just their size that makes these structures so impressive.  Together with your students, Danny will share specific examples and discuss the creation and features of these buildings that make them so unique.  Not only will your students have the chance to participate and ask questions, but they’ll also walk away with a new perspective on these structures and a better understanding of the science behind them.

Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematics
Grade Level:  6789

Types:  Virtual Events

Carolyn Stanley says:
15-Sep-10 03:44 PM

What a great webinar this was. Isn't it great that through technology we can make personal contact with these leaders in their fields. The ability to access the archives of the sessions 24/7 is also a wonderful resource. I participated in the live webinar and was the one who identified Boston as the site of the Hancock Towers. What a rush it was to hear Danny say, "Carolyn Stanley" nailed it. I hope that more of these interactive webinars will be available, and I hope that I can convince more of my teachers of the value of letting the kids participate. It is hard to get teachers to give up instructional time from their schedules for events such as these, but I truly believe that kids will benefit greatly by participating in a 21st century interactive experience with experts in the field. Kudos to all.

Katie O'Hare says:
14-Sep-10 03:35 PM

If you are having trouble logging in, make sure that you have registered for the Siemens STEM Academy site (not just a webinar). Once you register for the site, you can access and download all of the resources, including those associated with all webinars.

Katie O'Hare says:
10-Sep-10 09:10 AM

Sahara, thanks for your interest. If you register for the webinar, you will receive an email letting you know when the archived webinar is posted. It will be posted under Classroom Connections to the right. You will be able to download and watch or share at your convenience.

Sahara Myers says:
10-Sep-10 07:56 AM

How does one access the archive lesson? Can we be notified when the live lesson has been added to the archive?

Katie O'Hare says:
09-Sep-10 01:05 PM

The archived recording will be posted and available to download within two days of the live webinar to watch and share at your convenience.

joseph Price says:
09-Sep-10 11:48 AM

I would like to show this for the combined Science and Tech Clubs after school ( 3:30pm EST). Will this be accessible then also?

Cindy Luker says:
09-Sep-10 11:07 AM

I just realized that the webinar will be happening during my lunch and prep times. Can I use it at different times?

Katie O'Hare says:
09-Sep-10 08:57 AM

Todd, the recorded webinar will be posted on the site within two days of the live webinar. You will find it under Classroom Connections to the right.

todd campanella says:
09-Sep-10 07:35 AM

Are these webinars archived?

Michael Licsak says:
01-Sep-10 10:28 AM

This looks great! My 4th-6th grade gifted students have units on bridges and architecture, so this is right up their alley.

Antoinette Myers says:
31-Aug-10 02:31 PM

i love science so i like to do thing science activityies on the computer

Katie O'Hare says:
31-Aug-10 10:53 AM

Ruth, so glad you'll be joining! The webinar recording will be archived within two days following the live webinar.

Ruth Still says:
31-Aug-10 10:12 AM

I am excited to have my students have a chance to experience Danny as I did in DC at the STEM Institute. Will the webinar be an hour in length? My students will only be able to stay connected for 43 minutes.

Cherri Bates says:
31-Aug-10 10:00 AM

I too would like to be able to show at a different time. It would be noon where I live and my students would be at lunch.

Laura Rauhut says:
31-Aug-10 09:44 AM

This sounds so awesome. I teach 5th and 6th grade gifted students however at 1pm I'm in school. Will this webinar be available at others time?

Elizabeth Wall says:
25-Aug-10 06:23 PM

This sounds great, Can you a series for high school arch and engineering classes (I teach both)? Can I access this later to show my students?

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Featured Presenter

 Danny Forster
Danny Forster
A New Way to Look at Architecture

What transforms a building into architecture? Danny Forster of Science Channel’s Build It Bigger will take a look at the science and design behind some amazing feats of engineering to show that it’s not just their size that makes these structures so impressive.

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