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Earth Day: The Impact of the Gulf Oil Spill One Year Later with Jeff Corwin

Author: Jeff Corwin

Presented by Jeff Corwin
Tuesday, April 19, 2011, 1pm ET

For Classrooms

You and your students are invited to join biologist, environmentalist, author and Emmy winner Jeff Corwin to take an in-depth look at the impact of the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill as we approach the one-year anniversary.  Jeff, who hosts Animal Planet’s The Jeff Corwin Experience, will examine the intricate and wide-spread ecological effects of the spill on life in the surrounding ecosystem and beyond.  As a defining moment in environmental history, the oil spill will forever change societal awareness of the relationship between humans and the environment. You and your students will walk away with a better understanding of the role we play in protecting the aquatic habitat of the gulf and the positive impact we can make on the environment every day.

Find out more about Jeff Corwin here.

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Subjects:  Science
Grade Level:  6789101112

tanya tso says:
20-Apr-11 02:30 PM

When will the webinar for April 19th - Oil posted to the Classroom Connections?

Krystal says:
19-Apr-11 12:03 PM

@robert - click on the link you received when you registered for the webinar.

robert moyer says:
19-Apr-11 11:51 AM

how do you login

Katie O'Hare says:
19-Apr-11 08:42 AM

If your email address is not being recognized, it is likely because you have not registered for Siemens STEM Academy (even though you have registered separately for the webinar). It is free to register and doing so will allow you to download any supplemental materials. Click on "Register" in the login area at the top of this page.

Doug says:
19-Apr-11 08:21 AM

I think it will not let us log in until 10 mins before the start.?

Carolyn Bosserman says:
19-Apr-11 08:12 AM

I have a registration number also and plan to watch the webinar today with my 7th grade, but cannot get the system to recognize my email to download the lesson plan. will I still be able to access the webinar?

Carlene Grossi says:
19-Apr-11 07:21 AM

I, like the others can not log in, can you provide assistance? I have signed up for the event and have an event number.

ania says:
19-Apr-11 07:00 AM

I cannot log in. Email or password is invalid?

Derek Wiberg says:
19-Apr-11 06:44 AM

I missed if this is available after the initial date (showing) to view & do the lesson later. Is it possible, and how soon? My schedule does not fit but I would love to "participate" on Wed. or Thurs. Thanks DW.

Barbara says:
19-Apr-11 06:43 AM

Cannot log on. I am told my email is invalid.

Mona says:
19-Apr-11 06:22 AM

It says I have an incorect e-mail yet this is the e-mail I've been using for correspondence.

kim Barringer says:
19-Apr-11 05:42 AM

I tried to log in, but I am told my email is invalid. what do I do?

Thomas Oliver says:
19-Apr-11 03:30 AM

Improvements that should be made for any Discovery Education program and challenge include having US Armed Forces schools represented better in registration processes. The Department of Defense Education Activity has paid a great deal for access to Discovery Education and the US kids that we teach sacrifice dearly for our country - yet anytime we try to sign up for Discovery Education challenges, activities, and webinars we are always forgotten about or not eligible (E.g., the Young Scientist Challenge) which makes teachers and students very frustrated. As a science teacher, I would like to have the DoDEA schools continue having access to Discovery Ed but the troubles we have with the programs doesn't encourage teacher and classroom use - which is monitored by our techs. If they see that we don't use it, they will recommend canceling our subscription.

Cheryl Stoner Gutshall says:
18-Apr-11 08:35 PM

Will there be a replay of the webinar?

Rebecca Murry says:
18-Apr-11 10:25 AM

I just tried using my email to log in and it will not let me. Please email me how I can prepare for this event tomorrow for my class.

Colleen Krumm says:
18-Apr-11 08:16 AM

I registered for this webinar last Friday and wanted to check my access this morning so there wouldn't be any problems tomorrow. Unfortunately, it won't let me log in. It says my email address is invalid. What do I do?

Gayla Pierce says:
14-Apr-11 10:07 AM

How can I access the recording?

Maryll says:
13-Apr-11 03:37 PM

When does registration begin? When I click on registration it says I cannot register yet.

Teresa says:
12-Apr-11 08:41 AM

Thank you for sharing with us. This is great.

Katie O'Hare says:
11-Apr-11 05:02 PM

@Paula, some material might be over their head, but there will be many photos so I think it would still be very interesting to them.

Veronica says:
11-Apr-11 09:19 AM

Is this a webinar that can also be targeted for Siemens employees who are focused on helping Siemens reach their global environmental goals? Or, simply for employees who have an interest in green/sustainability topics? Also, will the webinar be available for showing on later days? For instance, if we wanted to play the webinar during our Earth Day celebration here in one of the Siemens sites (April 21st), would it be available?

Paula says:
08-Apr-11 06:40 PM

Will this be okay for 5th graders?

Katie O'Hare says:
06-Apr-11 09:56 AM

@Cecile, all you need to do is register at the link above. Once you register, you will receive an email with directions on how to join. When you join, the webinar program should set up automatically on your desktop. All you need is a computer and speakers. Email us at of you have any trouble. Thanks for participating!

.Cecile Matthews says:
06-Apr-11 09:47 AM

I've never attended a webinar and would need directions on how to download. Thank-you. CMatthews

Murph says:
25-Mar-11 09:19 AM

This will be a great opportunity for our students.

Chris Harrell says:
24-Mar-11 10:54 AM

Can't wait to get the information Jeff. Thanks for putting this out there for free.

Candida says:
24-Mar-11 08:51 AM

We also will not be able to watch during the scheduled time. Can you tell me when the recorded version would be available?

Katie O'Hare says:
23-Mar-11 05:55 PM

@Beth: Some material might be a little over their heads but I think they would still enjoy it and it is a topic that is relevant to students of all grades.

Katie O'Hare says:
23-Mar-11 05:55 PM

@Robynn: You do not need any special equipment. The webinar should set up on your computer when you log in and play from your speakers. You and your students will be able to ask questions through a chat window.

Katie O'Hare says:
23-Mar-11 05:47 PM

@Jennifer: The webinar should last about an hour.

beth says:
23-Mar-11 02:03 PM

Is that something that third grade would enjoy?

Robynn says:
23-Mar-11 01:42 PM

Do you need any special equipment? I keep reading of the webinar being interactive, which seems like I need special equipment and not simply my computer and the internet.

Jennifer Garrison Ross says:
23-Mar-11 01:19 PM

I am wondering how long the webinar lasts so that I might better plan. Thank you!

Jill Carrick says:
23-Mar-11 12:54 PM

The time is not good for us, so we will unfortunately miss the interacitivity, but we are excited to use the recorded webinar. Thank you in advance. We love these webinars!

Katy says:
23-Mar-11 12:25 PM

If our class is at a different time than the webinar, when is it available in the archives? Do we register for it and take one of the 1000 spaces or not? Do we have to register from the computer we will be using? I have obviously never used this, but I am very excited to.

Katie O'Hare says:
23-Mar-11 12:00 PM

@Krystal, we will record the webinar and post it on the site to download and watch at your convenience.

Katie O'Hare says:
23-Mar-11 11:58 AM

@Cathy: The webinar will be about an hour in length. When you log in to the webinar, the program will set up automatically on your computer and you will hear audio through your computer speakers.

Katie O'Hare says:
23-Mar-11 11:57 AM

@Doug: we will be adding a corresponding lesson plan to this page that you can download to tie webinar content to classroom learning.

Katie O'Hare says:
23-Mar-11 11:56 AM

@Valerie: There is no cost associated with the webinar. Register and attend for free.

Krystal Reyes says:
23-Mar-11 11:54 AM

Will we be able to show the webinar at a different time of day after we have participated in it? My students are all at lunch at this time - it is noon for me.

Cathy Collett says:
23-Mar-11 11:52 AM

How long is the webinar? Will we connect via our polycom to an ip address?

Doug Smith says:
23-Mar-11 10:29 AM

Any teacher packs to download before the program? Or any resources to help prep for the program? Thanks

Valerie Smallbeck says:
23-Mar-11 10:09 AM

I have not participated in a webinar before, is there a cost associated with this?

Janice Arden says:
23-Mar-11 10:01 AM

I'd love to participate, but at 1pm I have only 15 minutes of class remaining, and no students following that.

Tracie Belt says:
21-Mar-11 08:35 PM

I am so excited for this webinar. Every time Discovery has a webinar that involves my students I make sure I sign up. My students learn so much from these interactive webinars.

Tracie Belt says:
21-Mar-11 08:35 PM

I am so excited for this webinar. Every time Discovery has a webinar that involves my students I make sure I sign up. My students learn so much from these interactive webinars.

Katie O'Hare says:
18-Mar-11 03:44 PM

@Kathryn, I'm glad you want to participate! Please register by clicking on "REGISTER" above.

Kathryn Morris says:
18-Mar-11 12:20 PM

I would like to attend this webinar.

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