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Stop on a Dime Lab

Author: Rollin Wakeman

This lab is of a collaborative design, describing a scenario where a school is building a new outdoor basketball court between two existing buildings and it may not have enough space outside of the boundaries of the court for students to safely stop before running into a wall and causing injury.  Students must dig up background information, collect data, assemble the data into a table and graph, and present their findings to the school board members.  I gives them an opportunity to have a real impact on safety and enjoyment at their school.  It can be adapted to fit just about any situation.  It is most appropriately geared for 8th or 9th grade physics students.

Subjects:  ScienceMathematics
Grade Level:  89

Rollin Wakeman says:
25-Oct-12 08:16 PM

This collaborative lab is designed to give students a practical idea of how scientists compare the amount of Vitamin C in one serving of a fruit or vegetable juice. It uses an organic reaction between ascorbic acid and dichloroindophenol as an acid-base indicator. When the blue color of the dichloroindophenol turns amber or disappears, the neutralization reaction is complete. Comparing the unknown amount of Vitamin C in orange juice (for instance) with the amount of Vitamin C in a known dilution of Vitamin C mixture students can infer how much Vitamin C is in one serving of OJ.

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