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STEM Connect Virtual Event

Closing the STE…M Gap

Author: Peggy Hartwig

Wednesday, May 4, 2011, 7pm ET

Presented by Peggy Hartwig, a 2010 Siemens STEM Institute Fellow

Mathematics has always been isolated, taught with a pure and abstract curriculum.  Traditional education has forced STEM education to be compartmentalized, resulting in students who have poor problem solving skills and lack the ability to “bridge” algebraic theory to scientific applications.

By creating STEM bridges between science and mathematics, we can develop seamless learning in our classrooms.  When students create STEM projects using web 2.0 tools, we are tapping into the 21st century reality while encouraging metacognition and problem solving while filling the STE…M Gap!

Further, discover how easy & important it is to publish these projects to share across the nation and world, allowing all math and science teachers access to entertaining introductions to scientific applications supported by relative mathematical foundations.

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Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematicsIntegrationInspiration
Grade Level:  6789101112

Jaclyn Duhe says:
06-May-11 12:33 PM

I really enjoyed the webinar and have already started implementing some of the tools discussed in my class. Looking forward to "Flipping" the class on the next unit! Hoping I don't forget all of this over the summer break.

Joe Slifka says:
06-May-11 06:41 AM

I am so sorry for missing the webinar...I had every intention of joining, but we have been having a really rough couple nights with our baby girl. She just turned 8 months, recently stopped eating her veggies, and only eats about a third of her fruits and cereals. Doc says she is just teething, but when it comes to bed time, she screams and cries for what feel like hours! She used to sleep through the night, but that was before she cut her bottom two teeth...still no top ones.

Isabelle Camille says:
05-May-11 10:33 PM

I was really looking forward to participate in this webinar on THURSDAY May 4th!!! It's going too fast! I can't keep up with the time! I am still confused by what is web 2.0 tools. I agree with Lisa Cutchin. The importance for the students to make the connection between Math and chemistry for example. Given molarity and and volume, what is the number of moles... Hein?!! But then 5x=10, what is x? In unison.. "2"!! Why?

Katie O'Hare says:
05-May-11 10:41 AM

The webinar will be archived later today. Thanks for your interest!

Patti Betzing says:
05-May-11 08:51 AM

I was unable to attend the webinar. I was so looking forward to it. I am on the West Coast and needed to be ready to attend by 4 p.m.. Life happened and I missed it! How long until we can catch the archived version? Will you being doing it again? Sounds like it was very beneficial.

Terry Dukes says:
05-May-11 07:13 AM

This was my first webinar. I am so excited with all the new ideas that I gathered. I can't wait for more opportunities like this.

carol carner says:
04-May-11 12:45 PM

Will this webinar be archived? I'm not able to complete the hour session......thanks

Peg Hartwig says:
04-May-11 09:58 AM

If you are elementary, there are a lot of ways you can use all these STEM Ideas just as well as secondary -- in some ways better! Just realize the math science topics will be of secondary level -- but closing the STEM gap with science and math is for EVERY ONE!

Heidi Crist says:
04-May-11 09:30 AM

Thanks for providing secondary ed math resources.

gerardo tinoco says:
04-May-11 07:39 AM

Do you have webinars for 5th and 4th grades? This will help for upper grades by having a solid fundation.

Candi Smith says:
02-May-11 10:33 PM

I too, would like to know if this could be geared toward 3rd grade or is there something else more appropriate??

Sue Donaldson says:
02-May-11 02:48 PM

Do you have webinars appropriate for 3rd grade?

Sharon DeBruhl says:
28-Apr-11 10:37 PM

The information gathered will be useful for me, the teachers, and the students.

meredith says:
28-Apr-11 06:49 PM


Diane St. Onge says:
28-Apr-11 07:47 AM

Looking forward to it

Sadhana Monga Goel says:
28-Apr-11 02:42 AM

looking forward to the inputs... khudos to you!!

dee wallace says:
27-Apr-11 02:57 PM

This will bring our collaborative some much needed valued information.

D Austin says:
27-Apr-11 02:55 PM

Hello, I know that the NEXT time I receive this email to register, I won't be so dumbfounded. But if you could please change the link name from REGISTER to REGISTER HERE... I think new visitors will have an easier time of it. I know... I know... it's so "obvious" to many people, but hey, I'm that 1% that needs a little extra detail. :) Sincerely D Austin

Dorinda Selby says:
20-Apr-11 08:12 PM

Could this be transferred into a 3rd grade classroom?

Evelyn Cruz says:
19-Apr-11 07:40 PM

I look forward to learning about STEM projects that have been created using web 2.0 tools. This is crucial for my present work in which I am developing a curriculum that proposes to do what you have described as creating bridges between science and mathematics. Except, that I intend to extend those bridges to include engineering. Additionally, in my curriculum the bridges will be composed of the technology discipline.

Lisa Cutchin says:
11-Apr-11 08:10 AM

I believe it is very important to make connections to/from math and other disciplines.

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