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Go Wild: Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin Talks About Environmental Education in the Age of Technology

Author: Luke Lyons

This year’s FETC Keynote Presentation featured Animal Planet’s Emmy-Award-winning wildlife biologist Jeff Corwin for an up close and personal conversation about his work in the environment and ecology, and how his experiences can be applied in the classroom to engage students and inspire an interest in learning.

Subjects:  Science
Grade Level:  3456789101112

ignatius Nnadi says:
14-Feb-10 11:08 PM

i watch your programe,animal planet,often when it on the air particularly your project on sri lanks snakes.we have much more dangerous snakes in some christain dominated parts of Nigeria.the snakes are huge threat to famers during the farming seasons and also some game resevers and natioanal parks thriving with elephants lions. and in the rain forest east of the Niger close to camerron boarder,there is another national park,a habitat a rare mountain gorilla.if you are interested to visit these places,i can make arrangment for you. i am a retired accountancy professor .i have been visiting our sons here and i hope to return to Nigeria in April. Ignatius

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