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STEM Connect Virtual Event

STEMulate Student Minds with Creative Web 2.0 Sites

Author: Brad Fountain

Presented by Brad Fountain
Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 7pm ET
For Educators

You have probably heard of Web 2.0 sites and you may have even used some in your classroom, but are they a part of your weekly lessons?  During this session we will take a look at a variety of Web 2.0 sites that can easily be used to enhance your existing lessons.  We will also look at ways to use Web 2.0 tools to develop and manage classroom projects based on STEM concepts.  Regardless of your subject or grade level we will make using Web 2.0 educational, easy and fun for both you and your students.

DOWNLOAD THE ARCHIVED RECORDING: Download the archived recording of the webinar from the Classroom Connections box to the right. Please note that you must be registered for Siemens STEM Academy in order to download files.

Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematicsIntegrationInspiration
Grade Level:  3456789101112
Keywords:  Web 2.0 tools STEM webinar
Types:  Virtual Events

Emeka Dan-Udekwe says:
18-Oct-11 02:42 AM

Will certainly be participating in this webinar. Looking forward to it.

Emeka Dan-Udekwe says:
18-Oct-11 02:38 AM

Will participate in this webinar. Looking forward to it.

Lynne Davis says:
17-Oct-11 08:42 AM

Do you ever record the presentations? If so, how do you find and watch them?

Uma Anne says:
14-Oct-11 06:48 PM

I would like information on how to participate in the webinar. Looking forward to combining web 2.0 tools with Math topics.

Judith Daguman says:
14-Oct-11 01:47 PM

I am intereted to join the seminar and learn more about integrating science, technology, enigneering and math. How do we deal with our present science curriculum? How can we integreate these four?

Willie Haynes says:
13-Oct-11 08:21 PM

Stimulated to learn new ways to employ Web 2.0 tools in projects!

KD Farrell says:
13-Oct-11 07:12 PM

I would like information on how to participate in the webinar. Looking forward to combining web 2.0 tools with science topics.

Ken Edwards says:
13-Oct-11 04:07 PM

Looking forward to the Webinar on Web 2.0 tools. I am a big fan of Web 2.0, but I am sure that I am only scratching the surface of Web 2.0's potential.

Eileen Kirklen says:
13-Oct-11 01:15 PM

I would love more information and STEM lessons for design and engineering to incorporate with the other disciplines in my lessons.

Donald Evans says:
13-Oct-11 11:35 AM

Will CEU credit be given to those who participate?

Sandra Dejoie says:
12-Oct-11 08:09 AM

I am a first time participant please help. I need the outline for the connection directives for the Webinar on October 19,2011. Please send protocol. Thank you.

ahmedi anjum says:
04-Oct-11 01:19 PM

I want to learn more effecetive ways to incorporate technology in my classroom activities.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
03-Oct-11 02:01 PM

@Rose, please click the "Register Today" button in blue above and register on the page that follows. Once you register you will be sent an email with instructions on joining. Thanks for your interest!

Rose Castro says:
03-Oct-11 01:36 PM

I need information on how to participate in the webinar. Thanks

Rick Steele says:
03-Oct-11 01:36 PM

I look forward to learning of new ways to incorporate the computer technology into the classroom.

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