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STEM Connect Virtual Event

Getting them There: Recruitment and Retention of Girls in STEM

Author: Elaine Plybon

Thursday, April 14, 2011, 7 pm ET

For Educators

Through this eye-opening webinar, educators will learn some of the hidden signals today’s society sends girls in science, math, and technology in addition to discovering the ways many educators unintentionally discourage girls from careers in STEM.  Elaine Plybon will help attendees understand stereotype threat and how it can be overcome.  Additionally, she’ll examine data from successful recruitment efforts in high schools, as well as measurable outcomes in one Texas school district after a widespread awareness effort.  You’ll learn how to develop action plans for a campus to increase recruitment, retention, and achievement for girls in STEM fields.

Elaine Plybon currently serves as a gender equity consultant and an instructional technology specialist in a nationally-recognized STEM academy, the Jack E. Singley Academy in Irving, Texas. Prior to her current position, she served as the Coordinator for The Infinity Project at Southern Methodist University and taught high school science.  Find out more about Ms. Plybon on her website:

Download the archived recording from the Classroom Connections box to the right. If you do not see the file right away, click the right arrow at the bottom of the box.

Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematicsIntegrationInspiration
Grade Level:  3456789101112

Carla Burden says:
05-May-11 06:10 PM

Really enjoyed the presentation. I have been exploring the relevance of the scientific curriuculum lately so I was pleased to see that included in the curriculum.

chris thompson says:
25-Apr-11 04:02 PM

The post webinar document has a number of resource links at the bottom but the links do not work. Is it possible fro someone to post those links here?

Robert D'Albero says:
24-Apr-11 07:47 PM

Will we teachers be able to obtain professional development certificates for this and other events? I believe it was brought up during the webinar. Thx.

Douglas Smith says:
14-Apr-11 07:16 PM

Does it replay later dates?

Douglas Smith says:
14-Apr-11 07:15 PM

I missed it!!! Time zones messed me up, my fault.

Hilary Daly says:
09-Apr-11 08:26 AM

Can't wait.

Lee Matyola says:
06-Apr-11 07:25 PM

I am also interested in this webinar but i am not able to attend at this time. I look forward to the posting of it at a future time.

Betsy DeBiase says:
06-Apr-11 11:52 AM

Like Theresa, I am sorry that I am unable to "attend" webinar on 14 April, but am happy the webinar will be archived.

Bonnie Taylor says:
06-Apr-11 10:10 AM


Teresa Grande says:
06-Apr-11 10:07 AM

I am unable to view the webinar at the scheduled time. I know it will be available after but do I still need to register?

Katie O'Hare says:
18-Mar-11 03:41 PM

@Thressa, we will post a recording of the webinar on this page within a couple days following the live webinar. Thanks for your interest!

Thressa Brown says:
17-Mar-11 08:47 AM

Is it possible to view an archived version of this webinar after it runs? Due to the time, we are unable to participate, but are interested on viewing it during work hours after the presentation. Please let me know. Thressa Brown (440) 746-8252

rosemary senger says:
20-Feb-11 09:28 AM

grade level 3-5

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