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Earth Day: Celebrating Our Past and Future Efforts to Conserve Our Oceans

Author: Philippe Cousteau

Earth Day turns 40 on April 22, 2010. To celebrate, join Philippe Cousteau, grandson of Jacques Cousteau, as he shares his experiences as a prominent environmentalist working towards the protection of our oceans. Philippe, who serves as Chief Spokesperson for Environmental Education for Discovery Education and often hosts programs on the Discovery Channel, Planet Green, and Animal Planet, will also take a look back at how Earth and its natural resources have changed over the last fifty years, how the growth of the environmental movement has created positive impacts for our planet, and how students have the power to make a positive difference over the next fifty years. This engaging webinar will inform, engage, and excite students to become agents of environmental change.


Subjects:  Science
Grade Level:  789101112

Types:  Virtual Events

Brand Joan says:
26-Nov-12 01:07 PM

Excellent programs!

Sandra Yanta says:
22-Apr-10 01:26 PM

My 6th grade science class has enjoyed watching Philippe Cousteau's Earth Day webinar on: -Ocean's Deadliest -Philippe Sizzle However, when we were listening to the Archived Recording, it was talking about a slide show that was showing pictures. I can't find the slide show that goes along with the Archived Recording. Do you know where I can find it? My students have really been listening and watching the other webinars. THANKS!! Sandra

Martha DiGiovanna says:
15-Apr-10 04:42 PM

Thank you so much the experience. It opended my students eyes! They were so inspired, that today, we went and cleaned up a wooded area behind our school. Every little bit helps! Hope you will have more programs like this.

Brent Irving says:
15-Apr-10 12:39 PM

Our grade four students now feel that they can make a real difference by using their influence to help change the buying habits of their parents. Thank you.

Airam Cotto says:
15-Apr-10 10:14 AM

Superb! The audience, 5th grade English language learners, were engaged throughout the duration of the webinar. The message was delivered by Mr.Cousteau with clarity and adequate pacing.

Susan Gaboriau says:
14-Apr-10 05:15 PM

Awesome webinar today!!! Thank you so much!

judi saraga says:
14-Apr-10 07:30 AM

I teach 5th to gifted students. They will enjoy this lesson.

Kathy Tidwell says:
13-Apr-10 02:55 PM

Looking forward to the webinar.

Kim Strauss says:
13-Apr-10 07:33 AM

We hosted the video conference last month with Mr. Cousteau. Our students are still talking about it. Great job to make learning so engaging! Looking forward to tomorrow.

Diane Warstler says:
13-Apr-10 06:48 AM

This is great timing! Our Student Council has planned a month of activities surrounding Earth Day. Also, my 6th, 7th, and 8th grade science classes, all 130 of them, will be watching this program simultaneously, as a lead-in to next year's Life Science curriculum.

Lee Kolbert says:
12-Apr-10 07:33 PM

I'm really looking forward to sharing this experience with my students. I just downloaded the lesson plan and it's full of lots of great suggestions. I will make great use of it. Thank you for all your support.

Kathy McDonald says:
12-Apr-10 06:16 PM

I teach 4th Grade. Is this appropriate for our grade level?

Raelene Fabbri says:
12-Apr-10 06:04 PM

This is perfect timing. We are discussing the ocean biome. My students will be celebrating Earth Day with service projects.

Rebecca Murry says:
12-Apr-10 05:47 PM

My kids are 4th graders - soon to be in Middle School. A cursory look at the content tells me that this will be an exciting opportunity to join this virtual activity with a well known explorer! Looking forward, Rebecca Murry

Cheryl Tierney says:
12-Apr-10 05:26 PM

Where are they answers to these questions viewed? I have similar questions and would like to see the answers.

Barbara Preston says:
12-Apr-10 12:49 PM

Some of my teachers are interested. Do they need a phone & internet conncection. If they are going to group together, should each teacher register? Thanks, Barbara

Margaret Hartwig says:
12-Apr-10 10:13 AM

My Algebra I students are excited to be involved with such a cool new way to be involved in this Webinar! Integrating Mathematics and science is the "wave" of the future! Thanks in advance for this dynamic webinar!

KJ Broadhurst says:
09-Apr-10 08:58 AM

I have young special needs students that are K-2nd graders in age. We have talked about many ocean animals and how they live and survive. Would this be appropriate for them? I hope so. It sounds wonderful! I would look forward to it, along with my class, for Earth Day. Thank you.

Valerie Loving says:
09-Apr-10 07:07 AM

Will this be viewable after the event? We are at lunch for the majority of the event and I am not going to register if we cannot see it after the event. I have 8th graders and think this would be great, but want to show all of my classes, not just one. Also, is it recordable?

Jennifer Taylor says:
08-Apr-10 07:19 PM

I grew up watching "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" and was fascinated by it. Looking forward to the webinar to celebrate Earth Day!

Vanessa Greenwald says:
08-Apr-10 03:01 PM

I registered for grade 5. It shoudl be wonderful I hope!

sajaresh says:
08-Apr-10 01:15 PM

Is this presentation appropriate for lst graders? We are studying about all types of environments and this seems great. Thanks

Jennifer says:
08-Apr-10 11:16 AM

I am interested in the answer to these questions from elementary teachers. I teach second and we will be studying oceans during Earth Day week. Let us know...

Kathy says:
08-Apr-10 10:54 AM

Could this appropriate for 1st grade? We are going to an Environmental Fair at the ocean for Earth Day. This would be a great tie in to the event.

Valery Gullickson says:
07-Apr-10 12:26 PM

I too will be watching the webinar. I teach k through 6 PE and think younger students should be involved in experiencing Earth Day awareness.

Margie says:
07-Apr-10 10:42 AM

We signed up even though we are only second grade. Looking forward to this virtual visit!

Laura Lynne Frazier says:
07-Apr-10 07:13 AM

Will there be anything for 2nd or 3rd graders?

Susan Gaboriau says:
06-Apr-10 07:34 PM

Will you be having anything for 4th and 5th grade? :-) I am very interested.

Jack Marine says:
05-Apr-10 06:18 PM

I want to know if this will be interesting to our 7th and 8th graders?

Mariann Walsh says:
05-Apr-10 03:39 PM

Thanks for the opportunity...I and my students will be tuning in.

Lynn A. Harkins says:
01-Apr-10 04:42 PM

I am interested in this webinar as well.

Adriane Koehne says:
01-Apr-10 02:33 PM

I am interested in this Webinar, thanks for offering this program.

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Featured Presenter

Philippe Cousteau
Philippe Cousteau
Earth Day: Celebrating Our Past and Future Efforts to Conserve Our Oceans

Celebrate Earth Day's 40th birthday with Philippe Cousteau, who will look back at how Earth has changed and empower students to make a positive difference in their world.

Download the archived recording.

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