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All About Amphibians

Author: Smithsonian National Zoological Park

DOWNLOAD THE ARCHIVED RECORDING from the Classroom Connections box on the right. Click the right and left arrows at the bottom of the box to find the files you need. Please make sure you have registered for to download files.

Live Event from the Smithsonian's National Zoological Park
December 4, 2012, 1pm ET

For Classrooms

Do you know that amphibians are vital to their ecosystems and to humans, but they are threatened with extinction? Dedicated scientists around the world are working to save amphibians, and you can too. Join scientists and researchers LIVE from the National Zoo in Washington D.C. where your class will be able to see a wide range of amphibians from around the world; learn what amphibians are, why they are important, and the threats facing amphibians; and hear about programs that you can get involved in to help save amphibians in your local area.

We aren’t am-FIB-ian around! Register today to participate in this unique event brought to you by the Siemens STEM Academy and the National Zoo!

A downloadable, archived recording will be available in the Classroom Connections box on the right soon after the event. Classrooms and teachers registered for the event will be notified when the archive is available. Click the right and left arrows at the bottom of the box to find the files you need.

Subjects:  ScienceIntegration
Grade Level:  3456789101112

kathy lowry says:
25-Feb-13 01:18 PM

I can't find the archived webinar and see that others have also had trouble. Am I doing something wrong or is it unavailable?

David Cox says:
31-Jan-13 02:21 PM

Has the actual webinar still not been made available? thanks

Carolyn says:
16-Jan-13 08:18 AM

I have tried multiple times on various days to access the archived version of the amphibian webinar. I am logged in and I was registered to watch the event. It is not an option as I scroll through the classroom connections on the right. Any ideas?

Rita Lipin says:
30-Dec-12 02:54 PM

I can't access the webinar All About Amphibians. When will it be available?

Lisa Lovato says:
13-Dec-12 03:12 PM

All About Amphibians is not archived. When can I expect it to be?

Kathleen Mozzochi says:
11-Dec-12 02:25 PM

I was unable to access the amphibian webinar on 12/4. I see that is can be downloaded now but the webinar is not showing up, just a trivia contest sheet and the teacher guide. What am I doing wrong? I've never had this much trouble viewing one of your webinars in the past.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
11-Dec-12 10:08 AM

To download the archived recordings, choose a file from the Classroom Connections box on the right. Click the right and left arrows at the bottom of the box to find the files you need. Be sure you have registered for to download files.

Megan Braden says:
11-Dec-12 09:45 AM

Hello, I see the videos/worksheets/question and answer session, but I don't know where the actual webinar is located?? Is it called All About Amphibians? Has it been posted yet?? Thank you!

Lynn Davis says:
10-Dec-12 11:55 AM

I registered for the webinar-Amphibians. We were not able to view it. Now I am trying to get the archived recording and can not. (Yes, I was registered.) What do I need to do? Thank you for your help.

Karen McCarrick says:
10-Dec-12 08:33 AM

I am unable to access the archived webinar for my students to view. (They saw the live webinar and many wanted to share it with their parents.) It is not posted on the list of your webinars page either.

Donald Doggett says:
09-Dec-12 06:48 PM

My daughter saw this at school and wanted to see it again. After signing up for your service and down loading the file. We now need a newer version of Word? Really? Couldnt't this just be a youtube style video? Would have loved to see it after an hour of trying to get it all set up. I guess we'll have to open a book!

Beverly Blomquist says:
09-Dec-12 03:31 PM

Can save the trivia quiz and resources, but cannot download the video to show. Need suggestions.

Margaret Yarnall says:
07-Dec-12 11:59 AM

My first graders really learned alot from the webinar. Thank you for the experience.

Bertha acosta says:
06-Dec-12 08:11 PM

Trying to log in with this email but it doesn't allow me

Theresa says:
04-Dec-12 08:56 PM

When will the archived version be available?

Siemens STEM Academy says:
03-Dec-12 02:43 PM

Yes, this webinar will be suitable for all grades, K-12. The Trivia Quiz is now available, and you may submit questions before the event, or during the webinar via the chat window. We look forward to having everyone join us for this special event!

Barbara Uebing says:
02-Dec-12 04:56 PM

Is this suitable for a kindergarten class?

Flor de Maria Duque says:
02-Dec-12 02:10 PM

Where is the list of questions for the trivia quiz? I can't find it in the lesson. I'm spanish teacher but I want students to integrate with the common core. Thank you so much Flor de Maria

Kim Alix says:
01-Dec-12 07:12 PM

When do we submit questions from our class? Do we submit before or on the day of the event? Please advise. Thank you!

Kim Alix says:
01-Dec-12 07:10 PM

I also couldn't find the trivia quiz.

Tonya Norris says:
27-Nov-12 01:43 PM

I also can't find the trivia contest question sheet.

Richard Laufman says:
27-Nov-12 11:16 AM

Where is the list of questions for the trivia quiz? I can't find it in the lesson.

Patti Nicoll says:
27-Nov-12 07:53 AM

Is there a way to watch this as a podcast at a later date? I am not ready to do this with my class right now, plus I have five sections that I would want to show it to. Thanks

Kim Alix says:
15-Nov-12 05:33 PM

Looking forward to the event. My students really enjoy Discovery Education. We just watched the video about the "Poles" yesterday & I found a Time For Kids article about Polar Bears that worked with the video beautifully.

Stephanie says:
14-Nov-12 12:00 PM

I will not be able to watch live ,can I download at a later time.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
14-Nov-12 10:21 AM

Nicole - this webinar is not "technically" just for the grades listed above. There is so much information to be shared and we are very aware that we will have audiences of all ages joining us! Please listen in with your class!

Nicole says:
06-Nov-12 05:00 PM

is this webinar only avail for grades 3 and up? I teach 2nd and we teach the frog live cycle so knowing about amphibians and the threat of extinction is important.

Kim says:
06-Nov-12 04:12 PM

Where do we register for the Amphibian webinar?

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