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2011 sySTEMic Change

Author: Margaret Hartwig

This is a video collage of the many opportunities for students to integrate DiscoveryEducation, iPad apps and web tools while developing STEM connections between scienc and math learning targets

Subjects:  ScienceTechnologyEngineeringMathematicsIntegrationInspiration
Grade Level:  6789101112

Donna Haag says:
18-Jul-12 05:24 AM

Having trouble downloading and viewing SySTEMic change on my ipad. What do I need to do to view the this resouce file? Donna Haag

brent brooks says:
15-May-12 06:33 PM


Russ Calvert says:
29-Apr-12 02:10 PM

My students have used bottle rockets to analyze speed and distance with air pressure and have competed in globe competition and have made powerpoints on weather phenomena and space satellites.

DeMountria C. Faultry says:
27-Apr-12 09:53 AM

I am a home schooler seeking programs, curriculum, & activities for my child who perhaps covers 5th -9th grade curricular e.g., due to materials not achieved, missed and/or didn't cover in public school. Please send additional info if your material are free and open to the private sector. Thnks any info is appreciated. DeMountria Faultry 713 892-9626

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