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Earth Day: What the Ice and Penguins Tell Us About Our Changing Planet

Author: Frozen Planet Producers & Scientists

Presented by:

  • Dan Rees, Producer/Director, Frozen Planet
  • Bob Bindschadler, former Chief Scientist of NASA’s Laboratory for Hydrospheric and Biospheric Sciences
  • Ron Naveen, Founder, Oceanites, Inc. / Principal Investigator, Antarctic Site Inventory

Thursday, April 12, 2012, 1pm ET 
For Classrooms (upper elementary, middle and high school focus)

This Earth Day, take the ultimate expedition with your students to explore the Arctic and Antarctic poles like never before.  Join producers and scientists from Discovery Channel’s groundbreaking series, Frozen Planet, to hear about their experiences filming the series in the polar regions and the work they are doing each and every day to study the evolving landscape and ecosystems there. They will discuss how their career lets them make a positive impact on the environment every day, and what students can do to make a difference.  Every student has the power to help protect our environment, from their local community all the way to the poles.  Students will even see exclusive sneak peeks of yet-to-be-aired episodes of the series! Don’t miss this exciting LIVE event.




Download the lesson plan for the webinar from the Classroom Connections box to the right. NOTE: You must register for in order to download the file.


Learn more about Dan Rees:
Learn more about Bob Bindschadler:
Learn more about Ron Naveen and Oceanites:

Subjects:  ScienceTechnology
Grade Level:  3456789101112

Sara Hoeft says:
16-Apr-12 09:19 AM

I would like to show my students the webinar. All I can see in the archives is the lesson plan. Could you please post the webinar?

tkyra says:
15-Apr-12 12:27 PM


Christy says:
13-Apr-12 06:21 AM

I registered to view the live event, but our students were not able to watch it yesterday. In the comments it said that shortly after the live event it would be archived. I had reserved our auditorium for our 5th and 6th graders to view it this afternoon. I have not been notified about it being archived yet. Will I be able to view it this afternoon or do I need to look for a "Plan B"?

Siemens STEM Academy says:
12-Apr-12 12:12 PM

Try this:

Cheryl Matas says:
12-Apr-12 12:09 PM

I registered this morning, but don't have a confirmation email!

Janice Abernethy says:
12-Apr-12 12:07 PM

Can someone please send me a link to the presentation? I am registered but never received a link.

Andrea says:
12-Apr-12 11:25 AM

Acho que você está falando isso por que ainda não viu o site

Delana Youngblood says:
12-Apr-12 08:03 AM

Our email is down and I can't pull up my email to open my registration for this webinar. Is there any way that I can log in on the website to view this webinar?

Liz says:
11-Apr-12 06:33 PM

I wish I had known sooner, my email arrived 2 hours ago. Regretfully, I have a track meet tomorrow! I teach 3 HS Environmental Science classes; so I will look forward to showing what you post later.

Larry Lilly says:
09-Apr-12 05:36 PM

Our 7th grade Earth Science students studying Weather and Climate will really enjoy and learn from this!

Siemens STEM Academy says:
04-Apr-12 12:48 PM

Elementary Teachers: This program would still be very interesting for elementary school students--probably 2nd grade or above. The panelists will be talking about their careers, sharing videos and pictures and answering questions. We hope you can join!

Siemens STEM Academy says:
04-Apr-12 12:47 PM

The webinar will be about 35-40 minutes long and will be recorded and posted on the site.

Linda Lujan says:
04-Apr-12 11:31 AM

I am another elementary teacher, 3rd grade, looking for similar experiences for elementary kids. I am thinking I may access the archived version and "edit" it to fit a younger viewing audience. More pictures, our own discussion, and less lecture worked on the animal webinar we participated in last fall!

Mary Wolf says:
04-Apr-12 08:44 AM

Would this content be something that my 3rd grade class enjoy or would it be above their level?

Phyllis Wharton says:
04-Apr-12 07:47 AM

I work with Grade 5 students. I will still register to watch while on Spring Break. I will be looking for ways to incorporate this in my lessons to spark interest in RLA.

04-Apr-12 07:37 AM


R Meister says:
04-Apr-12 07:34 AM

We are out during Spring Break. Will you allow teachers to participate who are on Spring Break without their students? This way we can share information with them when we get back to school.

Sherry Brine says:
03-Apr-12 05:31 PM

Is there a program for Earth Day that is appropriate for Elementary children, specifically grade 2 to 5 level?

Connie Stone says:
03-Apr-12 05:11 PM

Our school is doing the STEM program next year. I would love to have my class watch that, however, we are out of school for spring break when you have scheduled to air the webinar. Is it possible to air it again? Thank you! Mrs. Stone Westridge Elementary 5/6 grade.

Mary Rayden says:
03-Apr-12 03:46 PM

I would also like to know if you have a program that we could show for grade three for Earth Day. Thank you!

Fran Hess says:
03-Apr-12 03:32 PM

Along this line... I have been selected as the Visiting Arctic Science Teacher (V.A.S.T) as part of a NASA grant through Columbia University and the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory who will be studying sea ice at Barrow Alaska, May 20-27th. I am looking forward to teachers and students who may wish to connect with me by Skype or other programs during that week. If interested let me know at

Janis Hansen says:
03-Apr-12 03:15 PM

olga says:
03-Apr-12 02:50 PM

My students really enjoyed a previous webinar, so I know they will also enjoy this one. These are really cool , I'm always sharing and encouraging other teachers to sign up.

Lynn Janasiewicz says:
03-Apr-12 02:06 PM

Can you recommend an appropriate program for elementary students for Earth Day?

Lisa Nyers says:
03-Apr-12 01:19 PM

Looking forward to sharing this live event with my middle school science classes. Lisa R Nyers-Science Educator "Keeping the Natural Wonder of Science Alive" St. Pius X Catholic School- Pre K-8

Kim simmons says:
03-Apr-12 01:16 PM

Hi We will be observing Earth Day on Fri. April 20. We are out of school for spring break when you all have scheduled to air the webinar. However, if it is possible to air it on the above date you would reach our entire student body. Thank you for considering, Mrs. Simmons 8th grade Science

Karen Glum says:
03-Apr-12 01:15 PM

Will this be archived somewhere? I teach 5 sections of science and none of them meet during this time.

Donna Amici says:
03-Apr-12 01:11 PM

What is the length of this presentation? If possible, I'd like to see if we could do an assembly of some kind for our school.

Janeice Smith says:
03-Apr-12 12:53 PM

I teach 5th grade and I'm going to register my students. I know they would not want to miss this!

Kim Finley says:
03-Apr-12 12:47 PM

This webinar can be useful as a class discuss topice once the students have viewed it. Thank you for creating a webinar that ties into Earth Day.

Rena Smith says:
03-Apr-12 12:46 PM

I am really disappointed that this is geared toward the upper grades.

Siemens STEM Academy says:
02-Apr-12 08:37 AM

@Gary, the program will be about an hour long. Thanks for your interest!

Gary Kivel says:
28-Mar-12 11:03 AM

How long will tghis program run?

Gary Kivel says:
28-Mar-12 10:55 AM

How long will the program last?

Siemens STEM Academy says:
18-Mar-12 08:12 PM

@Sandra, we recommend this for middle and high school students. Thanks!

Sandra Crawford says:
17-Mar-12 06:01 PM

Thank you. We're looking forward to this . What grade level do you recommend this for?

Christine Jones says:
16-Mar-12 12:57 PM

Thanks....from another science teacher.....I will be tuned in!! Keep them coming ....!!!!!!!!

Charles Fulco says:
16-Mar-12 11:55 AM

Also wondering if this webinar can be archived?

Siemens STEM Academy says:
14-Mar-12 01:17 PM

The webinar will be recorded and posted on the site following the live event. Thanks for your interest!

Danica Stender says:
14-Mar-12 11:29 AM

No Comment

Tom Sverkounos says:
14-Mar-12 11:18 AM

Hello. I am a science teacher at Miami Country Day School in Miami, FL. I am also the sponsor for the EcoClub at our school. We have an assembly time booked on Wednesday, April 18 from 9:00 am - 10:00 am, and we were hoping to do something to commemorate Earth Day and to raise environmental awareness. Is there any chance that this webinar (Earth Day: Our Impact on our Planet) can be replayed at that time. If this is possible, you would be reaching all of our students from grades 6 - 12 (approximately 1000 students). Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

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