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A Look at the World of Parasites with Animal Planet’s Dan Riskin

Author: Animal Planet's Dan Riskin

Tuesday, January 11, 2011, 1pm ET
For classrooms (middle and high school)

In this classroom webinar, you and your students can join Dan Riskin, host of Animal Planet’s Monsters Inside Me, as he takes a deep dive into the world of parasites.  He’ll share the stories of some of the most fascinating parasites he’s encountered on the show while traveling around the globe—like wasps that lay eggs in tarantulas!  In addition, he’ll inspire students by sharing his story and showing them that curiosity is the key to making greatest scientists.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Visit to find more information on Dan, who holds a PhD in Zoology and serves as an Assistance Professor at the City College of New York, and on the Riskin Lab.

Download the archived recording, lesson plan, and Dan Riskin's biography from the Classroom Connections box to the right.  If you do not see the file you are looking for right away, click on the right arrow at the bottom of the box.

Subjects:  Science
Grade Level:  89101112
Keywords:  biology life science parasites
Types:  Virtual Events

Peggy Lara says:
02-Jun-11 12:47 PM

Our second grade class is excited to view the information . I like to expose my students to higher level lesdons.

Christine McCarthy says:
26-Jan-11 07:24 AM

This was my first webinar. What a valuable experience. Mr. Riskin was an engaging speaker and the students were very intrigued. I especially loved his "pitch" for becoming a scientist as well. I have a research group studying the use of bathouses as a means of pest control so they were especially interested in the bat information. Thank you and look forward to more.

frank adsit says:
12-Jan-11 09:36 AM

Great presentation. Mr. Riskin is a very engaging speaker. There were a few technical issues with the presentation. Sound quality of the broadcast was very sketchy and inconsistent. Also, there wasn't continuity as to what slide was showing and what Mr. Riskin was talking about and having him talk about the content of 2 slides back was a bit disconcerting. I really enjoyed the passion and enthusiasm with which Mr. Riskin talks about his topic and science in general. What a wonderful motivation for students.

Diana Huss says:
11-Jan-11 03:32 PM

My students loved your broadcast, although only caught the last 20 minutes, due to schedules. Do you have the slide show available for us to show from the beginning? (I saw it, but they had not arrived yet). It's very interesting. Thanks.

Michael Lariccia says:
11-Jan-11 01:25 PM

What a great webinar. My 100+ middle school students loved it. They asked many questions, some better than others, and were really excited that several of them were answered. Thanks Dan Riskin your candidness and excitement on the topic. You really held the students interest. Mike Lariccia 7th grade life science teacher.

Emily Mann says:
11-Jan-11 12:47 PM

A great follow-up is the WNYC Radiolab podcast called Parasites. It was so good This American Life borrowed from it. Who knew hookworms can be good for you and it was anemia that kept the South from rising.

Emily Mann says:
11-Jan-11 12:47 PM

A great follow-up is the WNYC Radiolab podcast called Parasites. It was so good This American Life borrowed from it. Who knew hookworms can be good for you and it was anemia that kept the South from rising.

Michael Lariccia says:
11-Jan-11 09:12 AM

This is my first webinar. Many of my students watch Monsters Inside Me. I am a 7th grade Life Science teacher and will be covering this topic in the next few weeks. Looking forward to it.

Jane says:
07-Jan-11 10:37 PM

I have signed up also, but I won't be attending this one either. My students are only 4th graders, and I'm hoping there will be something more at their level later on.

paul Stagliano says:
07-Jan-11 05:20 AM

I registered for the webinar, but will not be able to attend the live session but I am looking forward to the archived webinar. Thank you, Paul

Catalina Reyero says:
06-Jan-11 10:28 PM

This is the first time that my students and I will take part on this type of activities and we are very excited. THANKS A LOT!

Laurie says:
06-Jan-11 08:14 PM

I will not be able to join...but I will register for access to the archive. Thank You!

Kristy says:
06-Jan-11 07:49 PM

I'm so grateful that this webinar is being provided for our students. Whatever the time, I will have a class setup to participate because this is really a great opportunity for our students to learn from someone who is so familiar with this topic!

Lorry M. says:
06-Jan-11 04:55 PM

We were just discussing parasitism today! I teach 6 sections of science so I wouldn't be able to be part of the webinar at that time. I would love an email when it is available to download.

Jo says:
06-Jan-11 04:46 PM

Looks very interesting! Do you think that it would be appropriate to show to 5th graders? I'm leaning toward yes unless otherwise intstructed. Thanks

Mike Geil says:
06-Jan-11 03:42 PM

I registered for the webinar, but will not be able to attend the live session. Please notify me when the archived webinar is available. Thank you. Mike

Katie O'Hare says:
06-Jan-11 01:33 PM

@Lisa, all of the Siemens STEM Academy webinars are free to attend. To access the archived recording and corresponding resources, you just need to register for the site.

Lisa says:
06-Jan-11 01:01 PM

Is there a charge?

Katie O'Hare says:
06-Jan-11 09:55 AM

@D, this webinar will be recorded and posted under the Classroom Connections box for you to download and watch at a later date. If you register, we will send you an email letting you know when the archived webinar is posted. Thanks!

Kathleen Bollinger says:
05-Jan-11 07:31 AM

@Andrea, This isn't a webinar for teachers; it's for you and your class. I've got 2 of my middle-school classes signed up, and we are very excited about it!

Andrea says:
04-Jan-11 02:52 PM

This is really unfortunate that a webinar for teachers is scheduled in the middle of the school day!!! :(

D says:
04-Jan-11 02:40 PM

Sounds fabulous but I cannot join the Dr at that time. I've not done a webinar before but I am interested. Please continue sending me information. Also, is this webinar available later, as a stored file that I can access? Let me know. Thanks.

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